Monday, June 27, 2011

#147 Wooden Stationary

I love paper goods. I handmade all our save the dates, invites, place cards, menus & programs, buying the supplies for these was beyond exciting for me.

You know what I love more than paper though? Wood.
I found these INCREDIBLE invites from Oslo Press halfway through the process of making ours & was absolutely blown away. I seriously considered abandoning the project & re-jigging the budget to have a little slice of this heaven...


Heaven is an understatement. Swoon after swoon after swoon...

OsloPress::WoodTableCards OsloPress::CustomDesign::Pine aspen detail OsloPress::PlaceCards&FavorTags

Table numbers, two stunning custom designs, place cards, escort cards & favour tags... You can order just about anything you can think of from Oslo Press.
I am still suffering from a potentially fatal case of love. It's very serious. Surely there is something I can custom order to cure this ailment...


Sunday, June 26, 2011

#146 Porcelain Fortune Cookies

A bit of fortune cookie & chopstick action went down at our wedding. I will eventually share more of those details someday soon but I'm waiting on some exciting happenings first.
In the meantime, how deliciously gorgeous are these porcelain fortune cookies from Yoga Goat!

Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie- LOVE Myrtlewood Chopsticks and Fortune Cookie pillow by Yogagoat Pottery
White Porcelain Fortune Cookies 
Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie Ornament- LOVE Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie- JOY
images via yoga goat + pacific merchantile.

Lovely decorations & brilliant favour inspiration.
How cute is the tree decoration cookie idea? I love the matte finish & while I still like the gloss finish as pictured for the chopstick rests (chopsticks via pacific merchantile) I would much prefer the matte finish on those as well. There's something about white matte porcelain that just gets me, every single time.
Each one is hand sculpted & arrives packaged in a mini chinese takeout box. They are very durable & can even be washed in the dishwasher if they get a little dusty over time.

Even though clearly I came across these a little late to use for our wedding, I'm definitely keen to have some simply as home decor &/or tree decorations!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

#145 Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Jewelry Gifts

I think jewelry as gifts for bridesmaids & flower girls is a fabulous idea. If you buy carefully then it can be something that they wear often - a token of your love & gratitude & a little piece of your wedding too!
I think that perhaps it's a rare thing that there will be a 'one fits all' gift, but gifts that are different but in the same vein can sometimes address that.

Anyway, here's a very small selection of trinkets to inspire you.
As well as possible gifts the crystal earrings, studs & diamond bangles could easily be worn as bridal jewelry, possibly even the lotus or bubble necklaces for a more contemporary bride.

Rainbow Bezel Rings Crystal clear Earrings Silver Framed Blue Zircon Glass Stone Pendant Earrings
via daniel m jewelrylulieyal/ lulieyal

Bloom Waterlily Bubbles - Silver Pendant with Necklace
via annekiel/ annekiel/ virine

Wedding white topaz sterling stud earrings - sweeties Smile -  a thin shiny hammered sterling silver band. Tiny Faceted Diamond Bracelets Rose Cut Sapphire Bangle
via metalicious/ artisan look/ PSodhi/ PSodhi

The studs or bangles could also work well as a gift for flower girls that will easily transition through the years with them but for something less precious, these tiny initial necklaces could work especially well as most children love to see their name on their belongings!

Tiny Initial Necklace Tiny Initial Necklace
via annekiel

And if you're looking for something a little more 'now' for the little ones, I'm sure these cute pieces would be very well received...

Double brooch - sterling silver and resin HEART BOX KEY -sterling silver necklace HEART BOX - sterling silver necklace
via esmeweatherwax/ esmeweatherwax/ esmeweatherwax

C x

#144 Engagement & Wedding Rings

Ringspiration time. Bling Bling!!!

Conflict Free Diamond Solitaire in Recycled 14K Palladium White Gold Conflict Free Diamond Ring White Sapphire Solitaire and Water Ring Set White Sapphire and Silver Eternity Band
via Silverwoods/Silverwoods/Silverwoods/Silverwoods

Sterling Silver Water Ring with White Sapphire Wave ring - 14k solid gold with diamond - stacking Rose cut diamond ring - 18k gold 14K Vintage Retro 1950s Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Band Set
via SilverwoodsOne stone new yorkOne stone new york/ 1950's vintage set via Lauren Rose Design

Ensemble - 14k yellow gold engagement ring with 2 diamonds. Yet to discover - 4 rows Sterling silver ring combined yellow gold. Square Diamond Slice Ring 1 carat cushion cut diamond ring - 14k gold - solitaire
via Artisan lookArtisan look/ PSodhi / One stone new york

Forever - Silver Ring Champagne Diamond White and Rose Gold Ring White Topaz Bezel Bling Ring Beaded Ring with Diamond
via Virine/ Daniel M Jewelry/ Daniel M Jewelry/ Kate Szabone

14k White Gold and Diamond Band Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold Bezel Set Blue Sapphire Halo Ring Bezel Set Diamond Halo Ring
via Kate Szabone/ Kate Szabone/ Kate Szabone/ Kate Szabone

It's times like these I wish I had more than ten fingers. You may have guessed I'm a white gold fan but I did try to give yellow gold a look in...
I am seriously loving the organic feel of those Silverwood & One stone new york pieces!
I also can't go past a bezel/halo setting. Gorgeous.

If some rings are similar then it's probably because they fall in different price ranges or are perhaps different stones - diamond/white sapphire for example.