Sunday, June 26, 2011

#146 Porcelain Fortune Cookies

A bit of fortune cookie & chopstick action went down at our wedding. I will eventually share more of those details someday soon but I'm waiting on some exciting happenings first.
In the meantime, how deliciously gorgeous are these porcelain fortune cookies from Yoga Goat!

Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie- LOVE Myrtlewood Chopsticks and Fortune Cookie pillow by Yogagoat Pottery
White Porcelain Fortune Cookies 
Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie Ornament- LOVE Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie- JOY
images via yoga goat + pacific merchantile.

Lovely decorations & brilliant favour inspiration.
How cute is the tree decoration cookie idea? I love the matte finish & while I still like the gloss finish as pictured for the chopstick rests (chopsticks via pacific merchantile) I would much prefer the matte finish on those as well. There's something about white matte porcelain that just gets me, every single time.
Each one is hand sculpted & arrives packaged in a mini chinese takeout box. They are very durable & can even be washed in the dishwasher if they get a little dusty over time.

Even though clearly I came across these a little late to use for our wedding, I'm definitely keen to have some simply as home decor &/or tree decorations!