Thursday, December 3, 2009

#24 Phantastic Photography!

We have decided on our photographer!

We met the EVER so lovely & EVER so talented Karalee of Angelsmith Photography, (you can check out her beautiful work on Facebook as well) & everything seems just lovely & perfect & peachy.

Her photos are candid, photo journalism style which I like as it feels a lot more personal & her wedding package is excellent - most probably helped greatly by the fact that she loves what she does, which is no line, you can tell she truly does love it.
Looking through her folios at all these amazing, intimate moments in peoples lives she has managed to capture - it's no wonder!
We love what she does too :)

Thinking we'll probably book an engagement shoot with too, got some fun ideas & we really don't have many nice photos of us together at all... Big ups to my Quasimodo style pregnancy there? Ha. So it'd be nice to have some...

It was a fairly busy trip to Adelaide this time around, I guess they will only get busier as we get closer to the date. To be expected when planning from interstate I suppose?

#23 First set back...

So what we thought would be our reception venue crashed & burned.

We found it via the website & to give credit where credit is due, it is an absolutely beautiful venue & the decor is gorgeous.
Went there with the boys parents to check it out & taste the food when we were in Adelaide & -

Mother outlaw & I went searching for the ladies & we were pointed in the direction of a map which lead us down 3 flights of super steep stairs that let me tell you, you wouldn't want to be descending if you were even a teeny bit tipsy, it was perilous enough stone cold sober!
Though to be fair, it probably did me good on the exercise front?
When we arrived at said destination we were almost ill, they were that filthy.

We had to go up to the counter to order, which was odd in this setting but ok.
We waited & waited...
And when it finally arrived it was laughable.
Laughable if we all weren't so hungry & my heart wasn't breaking as I realised that what had seemed too good to be true - really really was.
If you imagine 'Black & Gold' brand Yum Cha (if such a thing exists) from the supermarket freezer section, with zero points for presentation, cooked badly - either watery, sludgy, or overly deep fried but all of them tasteless- then you are kind of getting what we had the misfortune of experiencing.
The fact that there wasn't a chopstick in sight should have rung alarm bells I guess?
I also had a little look through the window in the door to the kitchen & couldn't help but note that it didn't seem to be in a much better state than the bathrooms...

It's time like these I wish I was a food writer & could openly insult them as much as they insulted us having us pay through the nose for such all around yuk! Ha.

Anyhow, I'm not really all that sore about it. Really I'm not!
In all honesty, my heart did break a bit & I hadn't realised quite how much I had thought it was a sure thing.
But I guess I learnt a valuable lesson hey? Something about chickens and hatching?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

#22 Went to Adelaide...

And have come back an (almost?) honest woman!

On Friday 27th of November sometime between 11:30 & 11:50...
While the gorgeous Nannie, Grandad & nieces kept our beautiful boy entertained at the Zoo...
During a suprise picnic by the river Torrens that included all things wonderful...
And 3 heart wrenching cards from my best friend in all the world later...
My sweet & handsome man pulled a little box from the depths of the picnic hamper...
Got down on his good knee...
And asked me to be his wife!!!

I may have cried, I definitely said Yes :)
So now it's Officially Official & the next stage is the Officially Official Officially kind which we are now officially planning for!