Saturday, October 31, 2009

#9 "Themes" and Schemes

I must admit I am not a fan of the word 'theme' when it comes to weddings.
For me it conjures up images of kitsch and tacky galore.
However I do want influences from which I will draw inspiration...
Sounds mighty pretentious really but do you get what I mean?

Influences and inspiration (at this point in time) are as follows....

As far as colour schemes go, I would love for the greater focus to be on textures so I'd like a neutral/natural sort of palette, which also ties in to the nature and personal influences as I'm fairly biased toward those types of shades in most areas.
Chocolate brown
Little highlights of green

The green is also a tiny way of referencing my sweethearts Irish roots.

Do you have a theme or influences that you draw inspiration from?

#8 Ring 'Pillow'

I know that these gorgeous bowls are uber popular right now, and who would wonder why?

And the best thing is, after the sheer beauty of course, is that you can have whatever custom text you want put on them so long as it fits!

Definitely putting in an order. Now just to choose the text...

#7 Cakes Cakes Cakes!


Via special day cakes

Liking the whole Crocquembouche wedding cake idea too...

#6 Night Photos

I am love love LOVING night shots!

We are meeting a photographer in a few weeks when we visit my sweethearts folks interstate (I'm yet to mention, wedding will be interstate.) We've had a little bit of emailing back and forth the last month or so, ok maybe a lot. Strangely enough not much of it has been wedding talk? Anyway, she seems positively wonderful, loving what I've seen of her shots they have such a personal feel to them as well as being stunning so I'm hoping all goes well with the meeting and everything clicks!
Blabbering on, but what I WAS getting to, is that I think that whoever we do end up going I will have to do some serious begging to find a way to make night shots possible...

Here's an example of what I mean, not from the same photographer we are meeting - I haven't seen any night shots in her work- This shot is just some gorgeousness I happened upon...

Oh and sparklers are a MUST...

Via Brian Mullins Photography (Obviously!)

Could you just die???

#5 And instead of flowers...

So I mentioned in my last post that I'm thinking my bridesmaids won't have flowers.
Not sure whether I'm leaning towards cream or a brown, i keep changing my mind but here's a picture of what I'm dreaming about...

This beauty is from Battenburg Lace.

As you may have guessed the front runner for ceremony site is outdoors so it's appropriate both because of that and also in February it will still likely be quite sunshiney. Fingers crossed!

I'm thinking/hoping it will really add to the subtle vintage feel I'm going for as well...

#4 Flower Delight

I saw a rose a while ago and fell in love but have not seen it since and have failed quite miserably at describing the colour - sort of brown, with the slightest hint of pink. Well this week, walking past a florist and there they are! Luckily my dear friend Monica had her wits about her and upon my exclamation suggested that perhaps asking what they are called might be an idea...duh me! Thank goodness for friends that remember to use that brain thing eh?

Julia Julia Julia how I love thee!
This photo doesn't quite do justice but it gives an idea.

So. My thoughts for flowers are as follow...

Main bouquet - Julia Roses, Cream Roses, White Orchids and possibly some kind of brown and green seedpods...
Boutonnière - White Orchid in front of a bleached peacock feather (Bleached peacock feathers will also be elsewhere included but that's another post!)
Flower Girls - Daphne(?) blossoms - beacause they smell DELISH - or cream petals. Can't have anything other than petals because where the ceremony will (most likely) be held classes anything else as littering.

Bridesmaids won't have flowers & we aren't using flowers for decorations at all, so that's it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

#3 Centerpiece Affirmation

I'm so excited!
I've had this idea in stuck in head for a while right, I don't want flowers as our centerpieces, nor candles - at least not as the feature in any case - and instead I was wanted to get some bare branches and lay them in the center of the table with either origami blooms, origami cranes - which will also be used as decorations in other capacities, or those little
feathered birds kind of like this on them...

Either white like this, or in neutral/brown colours, more like robins or swallows....
Can you picture what I mean?
So anyhow, pretty set on it but was yet to see anything similar to what I wanted so even though it's so clear in my mind, wasn't sure whether it was one of those things that only does work in your head until...

She is obviously a genius for starters, if you've seen her awesome blog then you are well aware that it's common knowledge, but aside from that...

The concept totally works right?! LOVING it.

#2 Bridesmaid Divine!

I have decided that one of the things that is very important for our wedding is that my beautiful and lovely bridesmaids will feel just that. Beautiful.
I have decided that I will not ask them to wear the same dress but that together we will shop for a different dress for each, following a rough guideline of length and colour, and a very strict rule that they will only agree to wear a dress that they truly love and will undoubtedly wear again.

I have stumbled across some of the most FABULOUS bridesmaids dresses I have ever seen and had to share.
Designed by the gorgeous and talented Ariana Goldman of Two Birds Bridesmaid, each of the 15 different styles comes in 2 lengths and a multitude of colour choices and is fresh, stunning, and OH so wearable.
And here's the kicker, all the different styles - strapless, crisscross, halter, and onwards - are all in the one dress and the way you wrap it!

What a perfect way to ensure that your bridesmaids feel gorgeous and individual on the big day and yet stay true to the colours and feel of your wedding. Genius.

They almost make me wish I was a bridesmaid instead of a bride...Almost.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post #1

Ok! And so it begins...
I've never done anything like this before so it could be a little while before I manage to get my head around the technology of it all, luckily since there's no one to ask to 'bear with me' there's also no one to mind if I make a mess of things for a while...

Although we are yet to be engaged, (by all means take a moment to get your head around this one?) we have set our wedding date for.... 6th of February 2011!

I've been going wedding planning mad, doesn't help that i have OCD tendancies and am a perfectionist (with certain things) to start with...
After seeing so many gorgeous wedding blogs, I thought I might just add myself into the fold and do my best to share some of the beautiful things and lovely ideas I have been coming across.

I hope they inspire you as much as they have me.