Saturday, October 31, 2009

#4 Flower Delight

I saw a rose a while ago and fell in love but have not seen it since and have failed quite miserably at describing the colour - sort of brown, with the slightest hint of pink. Well this week, walking past a florist and there they are! Luckily my dear friend Monica had her wits about her and upon my exclamation suggested that perhaps asking what they are called might be an idea...duh me! Thank goodness for friends that remember to use that brain thing eh?

Julia Julia Julia how I love thee!
This photo doesn't quite do justice but it gives an idea.

So. My thoughts for flowers are as follow...

Main bouquet - Julia Roses, Cream Roses, White Orchids and possibly some kind of brown and green seedpods...
Boutonnière - White Orchid in front of a bleached peacock feather (Bleached peacock feathers will also be elsewhere included but that's another post!)
Flower Girls - Daphne(?) blossoms - beacause they smell DELISH - or cream petals. Can't have anything other than petals because where the ceremony will (most likely) be held classes anything else as littering.

Bridesmaids won't have flowers & we aren't using flowers for decorations at all, so that's it!

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