Wednesday, March 3, 2010

#32 Chrysanthemum (umumums)

Green ones.

I love them.

Everything about them.

Actually, I wish their name was a little easier to remember how to spell...

But other than that!

We go to the markets on the weekends & there is a brilliant florist there that often has them.
I don't usually buy flowers (for myself) but sometimes I have a moment of weakness & buy a bunch of these little darlings...

I LOVE the shape of them & the 'pop' of the colour.

I'm thinking of including them someplace along the way as well as basing our highlight of green on this shade...

Monday, March 1, 2010

#31 Booked!

Big news. A fair bit of it really!

So firstly, we have officially (Finally - Thank goodness she has the patience of a saint) booked Karalee from Angelsmith Photography.
It took us SO long to get around to it, even though we pretty much decided as soon as we saw her work, & decided for certain when we met her way back in November :s
Thank goodness she didn't kick us to the kerb 'eh?
Thank you Karalee!

This weekend just past, we booked our venue.
This is hugely exciting, both because I was starting to feel fairly stressed that nothing ticked all the boxes & even at a compromise the dates were so filled up for next year...
Also, this venue, is the very first i looked at - fell in love with - but we thought we wouldn't be able to afford it.
Having gone over our guest list a few times since then, we didn't realise we had made enough changes to effect our ability to choose this venue until Mr N's parents heard of the place from someone else & re-suggested it...

We decided that it best not to delay given it's popularity so on the fantastic recommendations it has received & the mother outlaw having visited, We booked it.

So here it is, both our ceremony & reception venue - Glen Ewin Estate!

I don't want to give too much away about the decisions we make because I still want there to be suprises for our guests on the day, so I think one photo from afar will do ;)

We have decided to go with Glen Ewin's partner caterers, D&G Catering.
They seem very flexible & receptive to our ideas which is fantastic - because we have a few!
Looking forward to talking menus :)

Lastly, we have changed our wedding date.
It was a hard decision, given that the original date since was our anniversary & contained both our lucky numbers, but it wasn't available at Glen Ewin.
Also, our original date fell on a Sunday, which isn't the most practical for our interstate guests - of which there are a significant number - whereas now the date falls on a Friday which should be a lot easier for them & also makes it possible for them to get cheaper flights before the weekend begins.

So our new & final wedding date is : Friday 11th February 2011
Lots of my lucky number now! hehe

Annnyhow, in my excitement I have babbled on.
I'm just so relieved to have these things booked & not be feeling stressed about them anymore.
Back to all the fun stuff :)