Sunday, June 19, 2011

#138 Centrepieces - Flowers in Vintage Bottles

I think I've mentioned before that when I was growing up, our house backed on to state forest, during the gold rush is was a very busy area & the forest was filled with old mine shafts as well as things (mostly 'rubbish') left behind by the miners.
Among these discarded objects the most common things to find where old cans & bottles.
It was rubbish really, but it fascinated me. Mostly because it was such a tangible reminder of those people that came in such numbers, chasing a dream.
As a child there was something very surreal & magical feeling about the traces they left.

I still love vintage bottles & I adore vintage bottles used as vases, especially as centrepieces.
Here's a few pretty-full examples!

  vintage bottles
via canadian house & homecountry living & good housekeeping via intimate weddings
 antique bottles vases 
via country living (link for a gorgeous home renovation), samantha luck via intimate weddings & via tread gold
bottle green homes via design sponge  & luna bazaar via a gala affair
everyday inspired & ruffled blog
sunday suppers via my sparrow blog & via tread gold
once wed & style me pretty

I think there's something especially lovely & elegant looking about the simplicity of using only white blooms.
Gorgeous as home decor as well obviously!



  1. Here's a great use for vintage bottles. They make quite a nice conversation piece, eh? My wife would love to see this nice project.