Hi! My name is Creenagh & this blog is a collection of inspiration. Style for lovely weddings & life!

I am a fan of the following:  Typewriters & type font, japanese/vietnamese/thai food, polaroids, vintage dresses, unnecessarily high heels, vegetable juice, audrey kawasaki, picture books (& other kinds of books too), photography, handmade paper & letterpress,bonfires, adult sized rocking horses, melbourne & specifically - northcote, etsy, old suitcases, wasabi, learning, interior design, sustainable architecture & all things homeware, music, dancing,  languages, frogs & horses, my extraordinary siblings, most things wooden, white & neutrals & the colour green.

Shameful secrets: I cannot keep plants alive, including those that are 'indestructible' & I am partial to doilies.

My first loves:  James Taylor (with whom it was love at first sight on Sesame Street) & Gumby (who I thought was a girl). I planned to marry them both.
Having said that, I don't consider marrying my very handsome Mr N a compromise.

All ForEver After was initially a place to bring together my plans for our February 2011 wedding in Adelaide, Australia.
During that time I didn't post as often as I had hoped to but since the wedding I have found that I am not yet ready to let go of all the wonderous things I found whilst planning so I thought I might as well keep at it & share the link love as well as other beautiful things that inspire me.
I have also been lucky enough to continue wedding planning, now for other beautiful brides, so it has remained a somewhat natural progression.

I have another blog All For The Small which is focused on style & design for living with little ones.
As you may guess from that, I am a mumma to an incredible little man 'Master C' , born in 2008.
My husband Mr N is an amazing partner & the greatest father imaginable.
(Things Mr N loves: Mayonnaise(on everything), Manchester City, Ireland, Reading, Photography, Potatoes, Coffee Coffee Coffee, Travel, Languages, Music, Gadgets & Seinfeld)
I am thankful everyday for the absolute blessing that those boys are in my life. 
I have no idea what I ever did to deserve them...but I dare not question it!

Before I had my son I was somewhat of a career nomad working in a beauty salon, as a hair & makeup artist, in fashion photography, as a modeling agent & as a dance teacher. 
If it's at all creative then chances are I'll love it.
I've also moved around a fair bit in Australia but as yet haven't done even close to as much overseas travel as I would like. It's very much up there on the to do list.
I am currently having a lot of fun working freelance & exploring new avenues of creativity!

I LOVE reading emails & comments from readers who enjoy my blog so please don't be shy?I hope to hear from you, thank you so much for stopping by!

C x