Thursday, September 30, 2010

#89 Dress Lovin'

I've had quite the blog browsing day today, & am nicely chuffed to have found a few exceptionally fabulous new reads.

Amongst them is the wonderful Marvelous Kiddo, on which I spied this delight...

custom gown by leanne.m

C x

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#88 A Waiting Game

'Today' has been postponed.
No immediate decision or results after all, just more head scratching & a teeny bit of of teeth grinding.
There's new details now, but not the ones we expected nor wanted, & all they do is raise more questions...

I am really not a patient person...

But this is my desk friend...

Reminding me today that this is the perfect opportunity to practice working on that!

Mmm... Wish me luck!

C x

#87 Crossroad

Today is a big day for our little family.
It is a day of decisions & outcomes.
It is a day of risks & sacrifice.
Of trust. That things will turn out just as they should & it will all be worth it.
Today will affect our life for years to come.

It is an interesting thing to be so firmly in the back seat at the crossroad that determines where this journey leads us next & how we will get there....

Today is a big day for our little family.

Hopefully, the beginning of something amazing.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

#86 An Exciting Arrival!

A package arrived, & made my day...

custom 'tiny text bowl' via palomas nest

Hello my sweet sweet ring bowl...
Oh paloma's nest I love yooooou! 
It's just perfect & totally delicious to hold. Seriously, it feels so ridiculously nice, I can't even describe it without sounding like a complete fool.
This will be our ring bowl ('pillow') for the day & then a gorgeous keepsake forever & ever & ever.
Did I mention how much I love it?

Thank me? Thank YOU!

C x

#85 THE Save The Date

We are being less than efficient when it comes to getting invitations out, so to make myself feel a little better, I'm going to go ahead & share our save the date which we have been moderately efficient about & have already sent out.
One 'to do' gold star for me... hooray!

They're magnets.
I made them myself. 
It took ages.
I went a little mad...

C x

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#84 Wedding Ring for Him

I came across this jewelers work on etsy a while ago & I must say I am quite impressed.
 Jewelery by Johan features rings for women & rings for men as well as wedding sets.
I particularly like his mens range, which include more classic contemporary pieces like the first two pictured below...

And the last two, a little more unusual with inlaid wood stripes & a diamond setting, or a matte titanium finish.

But my absolute clear favourite are these unique pieces...

Aren't they just wonderful???
Mr N likes them too so I think at this stage that one of these rings is definitely the front runner for the big day & ever after!
Which one? Well that is quite another matter...
Also, another piece of eye candy from Jewelery by Johan, & in the spirit of something blue?

C x

Monday, September 20, 2010

#83 My Favourite Ring Bearer

Drum roll for this huge 'suprise' please...
Introducing our ring bearer, the cutest boy in the whole wide world...

And a tiny peek at his wedding day wear...

Also, a HUGE congratulations to my dear friend C & family, who welcomed their precious daughter into the world yesterday afternoon!

C x

Sunday, September 19, 2010

#82 New Beginnings... (& track six)

Good Morning, it's a beautiful Monday!

Dear Weather Gods,
Thank you for finally remembering where the control dial is... Keep up the good work!
Love C x

My second youngest sister is staying with us from interstate at the moment, ever so lovely to see her.
Received a most exciting text message before breakfast today from a darling friend of mine, en route to the hospital in labour with baby number two...
Plus, my ma, brother & youngest sister arrive on Friday to stay a few days...
Yes. Yes I will be imprisoning them in my wedding project sweat shop on a production line.

melanie horsnell - can I kiss you again

Um, how wonderful is our Melanie?
The answer is A. Wonderful.

Hope your week is full of the best kinds of marvelous.

C x

Thursday, September 16, 2010

#81 Sparkling Beauty

Yep, more sparkle.
Embrace it, just embrace it...

Now seriously, how beautiful is this headpiece?
How beautiful are these photographs?
Also, how STUNNING is this bride?!

sergerius bruce photography via ruffled

Awww bless...


#80 Bedazzlement

I'll start honestly by saying, I'm really not a fan of bedazzlement.
When I first started wedding planning I was truly aghast at the truckloads of sequins & diamontes that seem to the overwhelmingly prevalent option, at every turn.
That said, although not to my usual taste, there's something about these two photos by Flo & Percy that got my attention...

I saw them on love my dress & unusually, my instinct to dismiss all things shiny (& pearls) failed to kick in.
Is it because I have found an exception to my anti-glitter rule?
Is it perhaps because the little roses aren't spangled?
Is it because the photographs & model are a bit cute?

It's a complete mystery to me, but I thought whilst in a magpie mood, I should take advantage of the fact by having a look through the rest of the Flo & Percy collections.
The mystery deepened as I found more twinkly things that took my fancy...

Oh the glistening... Next thing you know I'll be sobbing about double rainbows...

Jokes aside, if sparkle is your thing, well worth checking out!

C x

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#79 Yesterday

This post belonged to yesterdays weather...

But here it is.

And isn't it beautiful?

There's just something... it makes me melt a little.

carl zoch photography via stylemepretty

C x

Monday, September 13, 2010

#78 mysweetmuse

Wedding day accessories. So hot right now.
I am love love loving the pop of colour trend for accessories & shoes that is absolutely everywhere worth looking at the moment. 
I generally like things less when lots & lots & LOTS of other people like them too... Mary Mary Syndrome? Yeah maybe. 
Anyhow, that sentiment doesn't extend so far as that I like the colour trend any less, or that I'm going to stop loving mysweetmuse anytime soon...

I love that mysweetmuse has the perfect jewelery for either a more traditional wedding piece (albeit extra spunky) or a vivid punch of colour piece.
Speaking of spunky... yep, that gorgeous model is the genius behind the jewels, the fabulous Eva Carter.
SUPER excited that we will be featuring an interview with the lady herself very soon...

all images via mysweetmuse
I love this piece, imagine that with a white or even champagne/oyster wedding dress....
Knock out.
And yes. Custom pieces are also available, as well as any colour you can dream of.
As if we needed any more encouragement?
Would be uber awesome as bridesmaids gifts too I'm thinking...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

#77 Musings of a Personal Nature.

I've been feeling a bit like this of late...

Ok, perhaps a not so glamorous version of that anyhow...

Fine fine. A LOT less glamorous.

I felt flat all week for no particular reason that I could think of. I just ignored the feeling.
Seems that was a mistake as by Friday I was a blubbering mess.
Still none the wiser as to why...
Feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of my to do list? Feeling homesick/dearfriendsick? A bit of anger thrown in there towards a certain someone? Feeling disappointed at myself for still feeling anger towards said someone? Feeling frustrated with myself for not holding it all together?
Bit from column A, bit from column B, & a good whack of mystery reasons too...
You know. One of those days.

I absolutely hate feeling like I am complaining, yet somehow I feel that it is all I do?
I'm an over thinker you see... Hardcore. It doesn't help.
I think I often sound like I'm complaining when I'm not too? I try to be too honest maybe?
Oh wait, what? I'm over thinking this? Why yes. Yes I am.

Thank goodness for amazing friends who know just when to call, who know just what to say to make you dissolve into the tears that need to be shed, who know just what to say to pick you up & show you the sunshine.

Thank goodness for Mr N too, who came home to mess of a house & a very red eyed me & didn't even blink. Just gave me a hug.

I'll confess that I've been avoiding blogging. 
In fact I've been avoiding everything.
Plus, I've misplaced my upload cables.
It's probably with my fabric knife...
I'm hoping I've put them away somewhere silly & that it isn't the little Mr who has squirreled them away?
I do have photos for sharing, so when the cables reappear...

Here is a bunch of random, perhaps largely uninteresting, stuff that to me is exciting & lovely.
It was totally lovely to have my sister & Mr B come to stay, they leave for India in a month! Eek.
I am an aunty again! Welcome to the world beautiful Clara Heather!!!
I bought the boys braces for the wedding, & their ties. I've finished 3 wedding table runners.
I have a new outdoor setting (replacing the one we didn't have) spring just got a whole lot sweeter.
My dear friend C (nope not referring to myself in the third person, another C) will baby any day now... any day...

Hope your weekend was swell...
Here's to a motivated & inspired week!


#76 We Can Hope.

We can hope that we are loved like this.

We can hope that we can love like this.

For always...

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

animation by storycorps via a cup of jo


Monday, September 6, 2010

#75 Music for Monday ( track five )

Well, somewhere in the world it's Monday .... right?

Not exactly cheery but really just far too wonderful to be described as anything less than perfect.

Tom Waits - Martha


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#74 MORE Dress Love Anyone?

Yet another vintage wedding dress success...

Yes? Yes.

Also, that's some uber cute hairware right there...

wedding of michelle&dillon lang photographers via ruffled

Check out the rest of the photos from this darling wedding on the awesomtastic Ruffled blog!

C x

* Edit - Actually not vintage dress, it was in fact made to order. Oops!

#73 Wedding Dress Love

So many lovely dresses... so few wedding days...

joanne fleming design via love my dress

C x