Monday, September 13, 2010

#78 mysweetmuse

Wedding day accessories. So hot right now.
I am love love loving the pop of colour trend for accessories & shoes that is absolutely everywhere worth looking at the moment. 
I generally like things less when lots & lots & LOTS of other people like them too... Mary Mary Syndrome? Yeah maybe. 
Anyhow, that sentiment doesn't extend so far as that I like the colour trend any less, or that I'm going to stop loving mysweetmuse anytime soon...

I love that mysweetmuse has the perfect jewelery for either a more traditional wedding piece (albeit extra spunky) or a vivid punch of colour piece.
Speaking of spunky... yep, that gorgeous model is the genius behind the jewels, the fabulous Eva Carter.
SUPER excited that we will be featuring an interview with the lady herself very soon...

all images via mysweetmuse
I love this piece, imagine that with a white or even champagne/oyster wedding dress....
Knock out.
And yes. Custom pieces are also available, as well as any colour you can dream of.
As if we needed any more encouragement?
Would be uber awesome as bridesmaids gifts too I'm thinking...



  1. WOW, thanks so much for the blog love!!!!! And some more TOP SECRET pretty treasures coming soon, YAY!!!! xoxo

  2. EVER so welcome! Ooo! Yay :) Do let us know when they un-secret won't you??? x