Sunday, September 12, 2010

#77 Musings of a Personal Nature.

I've been feeling a bit like this of late...

Ok, perhaps a not so glamorous version of that anyhow...

Fine fine. A LOT less glamorous.

I felt flat all week for no particular reason that I could think of. I just ignored the feeling.
Seems that was a mistake as by Friday I was a blubbering mess.
Still none the wiser as to why...
Feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of my to do list? Feeling homesick/dearfriendsick? A bit of anger thrown in there towards a certain someone? Feeling disappointed at myself for still feeling anger towards said someone? Feeling frustrated with myself for not holding it all together?
Bit from column A, bit from column B, & a good whack of mystery reasons too...
You know. One of those days.

I absolutely hate feeling like I am complaining, yet somehow I feel that it is all I do?
I'm an over thinker you see... Hardcore. It doesn't help.
I think I often sound like I'm complaining when I'm not too? I try to be too honest maybe?
Oh wait, what? I'm over thinking this? Why yes. Yes I am.

Thank goodness for amazing friends who know just when to call, who know just what to say to make you dissolve into the tears that need to be shed, who know just what to say to pick you up & show you the sunshine.

Thank goodness for Mr N too, who came home to mess of a house & a very red eyed me & didn't even blink. Just gave me a hug.

I'll confess that I've been avoiding blogging. 
In fact I've been avoiding everything.
Plus, I've misplaced my upload cables.
It's probably with my fabric knife...
I'm hoping I've put them away somewhere silly & that it isn't the little Mr who has squirreled them away?
I do have photos for sharing, so when the cables reappear...

Here is a bunch of random, perhaps largely uninteresting, stuff that to me is exciting & lovely.
It was totally lovely to have my sister & Mr B come to stay, they leave for India in a month! Eek.
I am an aunty again! Welcome to the world beautiful Clara Heather!!!
I bought the boys braces for the wedding, & their ties. I've finished 3 wedding table runners.
I have a new outdoor setting (replacing the one we didn't have) spring just got a whole lot sweeter.
My dear friend C (nope not referring to myself in the third person, another C) will baby any day now... any day...

Hope your weekend was swell...
Here's to a motivated & inspired week!



  1. Bless you my sweet, you are a darling. Good on you for finishing a sad post with a list of positives! Thats the way to do it! Do hope you find your cables soon, we can't wait to see what you have been up to with your swanky new camera!! xxx

  2. P.S. Sorry this baby is being stubborn :(

  3. Well I didn't find my phone cable, but Mr N brought his home from work.
    I also didn't find my camera cable... but fortunately, you don't need a cable when you have a memory care? Duh!Lol Such a daft moment for me :s

    P.s Hooray for baby!!!!! x