Sunday, September 19, 2010

#82 New Beginnings... (& track six)

Good Morning, it's a beautiful Monday!

Dear Weather Gods,
Thank you for finally remembering where the control dial is... Keep up the good work!
Love C x

My second youngest sister is staying with us from interstate at the moment, ever so lovely to see her.
Received a most exciting text message before breakfast today from a darling friend of mine, en route to the hospital in labour with baby number two...
Plus, my ma, brother & youngest sister arrive on Friday to stay a few days...
Yes. Yes I will be imprisoning them in my wedding project sweat shop on a production line.

melanie horsnell - can I kiss you again

Um, how wonderful is our Melanie?
The answer is A. Wonderful.

Hope your week is full of the best kinds of marvelous.

C x

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