Thursday, September 23, 2010

#85 THE Save The Date

We are being less than efficient when it comes to getting invitations out, so to make myself feel a little better, I'm going to go ahead & share our save the date which we have been moderately efficient about & have already sent out.
One 'to do' gold star for me... hooray!

They're magnets.
I made them myself. 
It took ages.
I went a little mad...

C x


  1. Very pretty!

    I just made our Save the Dates too, ours are postcards...

    When is your date again?


  2. Thanks :)
    Oo I thought about postcards too, I've seen some gorgeous ones!
    Would love to see yours?
    There's sooo many gorgeous wedding stationary ideas...

    Feb 11 next year x