Thursday, September 16, 2010

#80 Bedazzlement

I'll start honestly by saying, I'm really not a fan of bedazzlement.
When I first started wedding planning I was truly aghast at the truckloads of sequins & diamontes that seem to the overwhelmingly prevalent option, at every turn.
That said, although not to my usual taste, there's something about these two photos by Flo & Percy that got my attention...

I saw them on love my dress & unusually, my instinct to dismiss all things shiny (& pearls) failed to kick in.
Is it because I have found an exception to my anti-glitter rule?
Is it perhaps because the little roses aren't spangled?
Is it because the photographs & model are a bit cute?

It's a complete mystery to me, but I thought whilst in a magpie mood, I should take advantage of the fact by having a look through the rest of the Flo & Percy collections.
The mystery deepened as I found more twinkly things that took my fancy...

Oh the glistening... Next thing you know I'll be sobbing about double rainbows...

Jokes aside, if sparkle is your thing, well worth checking out!

C x

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