Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#42 Baskets Anyone?

If the results for an internet search of the words 'flower girl' is anything to go by, people subject their flower girls to a whole lot of scary.
I'm talking cringe worthy hideous. In numerous layers. Upon layer. Upon layer...

So I was wading through these marshmallowy nightmares and I started wondering...Do they know? These brides I mean? Do they they know it's so very 'ugh'? Is it a misguided budget decision perhaps? Or is this actually the taste of the majority as google would have me believe?
Most importantly- HOW DO I KNOW I'M NOT ONE OF THEM???
How do I know that my taste too, does not make people desperate to steal one of those drowning in kitsch flower girls baskets away to use as a sick bag substitute?
Calm down now eh?

I also wondered how I've lasted this long without starting a 'worst of' blog.

Anyway, I've been pretty wedding slack lately but I think I'm finally getting my wedding mojo back. So rejoice dear friends! Or despair? ;)

Here's some flower girl baskets that I think are pretty sweet. Minus the puffy stuff!
My favourite overall is the second one, it's quite unique I think?

The centre one with the lavender in this next row - I don't actually like, but I like the concept.
Loving the Chrysanthemums and the Succulents.
Fun fact: Apparently you're not supposed to be able to kill Succulents... I can kill any plant. It's a talent.

I already have my ring 'pillow' picked out but I think this one is a bit awesome too!

Is there anything you have ever loved, wedding or not, that you look back on later and ask yourself "WHY?"
Others than ex's of course! Ha.
Do share!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

#41 Dress Ups Take Two - The Result...

In short, disheartening.
Not to mention somewhat alarming?

Here's a quick rundown.

I hate wedding dresses. (Ok this is a lie, because in fact I love a fair few of them, just none that are in any of the shops here, and none on the internet that are within budget.)

It would seem that people who work in bridal shops must first obtain a masters in how best to look down their noses at customers?

It turns out I can't count, and our wedding is 2 months closer than what I was thinking...

I have been informed that when it comes to dresses, you can count December and January out. My Wedding Dress will need to be completely fitted and ready by the end of November before everyone closes up shop.

Mocha is exceptionally good at letting me have a panic attack and making sure I'm laughing enough about it to come out the other side!

But yeah. Officially freaking out that I have been stuck in a wedding rut for so long and am now so far behind in all our preparations ie: Save the Dates, that due to the number of interstate and o/s guests, I wanted to have sent out 4 months ago... AND when I tried to get stuck into them the other day, realised that my plan was a flop and now needs a total rethink? Eek.
Among about a hundred other things...

How did this happen?
Help me universe! Help meeeeeeee!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

#40 Dress Ups - Take Two...

Tomorrow I'm going with Mocha (my MOH) to play dress ups :)

Via - pxlshots

Last dress up mission, whilst a most interesting mixture of absolutely hilarious and disheartening, was not particularly successful... Fingers crossed for better luck this time!

It's exciting, but I've noticed that I have a bit of the whole ' champagne tastes on a milkshake budget' thing going on?
So whilst hopeful, I'm certainly not counting my chickens until I've found them on the dress rack. And tried them on. And get that feeling. If you know what I mean... ( Seriously, if you do - Congratulations!)

Wish us luck!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#39 Green?

Yes. Yes they are. Even the right shade in fact.

Most appropriately named "Bells of Ireland"? Why yes, they are indeed.

And their meaning is? Apparently - 'good luck' (not that i'm paying heed to such things!)

Available in Australia? No idea...

But I think they are a bit interesting. In a good way.

Also found out that Chrysanthemums (see previous post) are the flower of my birth month. I find that randomly amusing.

Totally lazy post from me? Check.