Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#120 Yummy Wedding Cakes

How deliciously romantic & elegant are these wedding cakes from Patricia at Yummy Cupcakes in Sydney?
Masterpieces. Some of those sugar flowers are unbelievable!

I made our cake the night before our wedding, but some of these cakes have me wishing for a time machine...





The centre cake above is actually incomplete I think, but I just couldn't resist that colour & I had someone in mind for the stencil.
The third cake in the row above & the one below are have me swooning. Notice the cake below is bedazzled - quite out of character for me to like something that glitters, but when it's breathtaking it's breathtaking & that, boys & girls is gasp inducing baked goods.
So fresh & understated. That little pop of green is nothing short of delightful. It was actually created for a diamond anniversary so I guess there's still a chance? Not long really...


C x

Monday, May 30, 2011

#119 Fabric Wedding Accessories

One of the diy projects I didn't get around to was a fabric banner, in retrospect I should have just compromised & bought one. Not much of a compromise really when there are banners as cute as these from bpoetic on etsy!
The Bridesmaid gift tags are very sweet, I do like a 'bridesmaid proposal'  after all (that already feels like so long ago)...
The colour of that flower brooch is a little bit yummy? Great for bridesmaids & flowergirls, perfect for the mother of the bride or groom. Or perhaps just because?
Lovely Wedding Banner Lovely Wedding Banner All You Need Is "Love" Banner  Sweet Set of "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" tags Hello Sunshine Corsage
Petite White Hair clip B. Poetic Aspiring Petals Necklace Pretty Little Veil
B. Poetic Isabella Headband B. Poetic Finona Headpiece
Sweet Little b. Poetic Ring Pillow

I can just imagine that fabric necklace with a simple, understated dress, it would look gorgeous. Can't you just see it?
The headband is flowergirl perfect.

I wouldn't change my paloma's nest ring bowl for the world. It is now one of my most favourite wedding keepsakes & is just plain lovely home decor, however,  this ring pillow is very lovely so again I must question the possibility of having a ring bowl/pillow for each ring? ;)

In all honesty I'm not a fan of shoe clips, but if I did, I would love the shoe clips from bpoetic so if you do then you should definitely check them out! These are my top three - blue, yellow+pink & cream.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

#118 Wedding Art

I love these personalized vintage style posters from Alexander & Co, such a great idea! I've seen people use posters as their guest book by having a slightly larger mat & having their guests sign it & this would be a perfect choice if you wanted to do that.
Names, locations, dates, type colour & hair colour are all customised.
I also think the location options would be a lovely gift in memory of where you met, your first date, where the proposal was or perhaps even of a holiday you took together?


There are also save the date postcards & thank you cards available which would be a great option for those looking for something a little more unusual, & magnets which would make fantastic save the dates or favours.


There are a lot more designs available, I had a tough time picking which ones to post!

C x

#117 Dresses For Flower Girls

These dresses from The Little Dress Making Company would be so sweet for flower girls.

Image of Shirley in PebblesImage of Shirley in Pebbles
Image of Shirley in RedImage of Shirley in Powder Blue
Image of Shirley in Coconut IceImage of Shirley in Coconut Ice

My favourite is definitely the grey, I think it's adorable. I can also see that the white & pink (or coconut ice as it is named) would be quite a popular choice given how many people choose pink as a highlight colour.

I know they are perhaps a more informal choice however I think that the best flower girl dresses are those that while fitting in with the style &/or colour scheme of the wedding, still make the girls look like children as opposed to children dressed as adults?

This style is called 'Shirley' & are available in sizes one to nine, they are made from 55% linen & 45% cotton, except for the red option which is pure cotton. 
The company is based in Melbourne, I feel it's always icing on the cake to be able to support small businesses.


Friday, May 27, 2011

#116 Wedding Projects

I love typewriters for many reasons, not the least of which is that type font plain just makes me happy.

I've found some good websites which have any font you could possibly dream of for your weddingy project needs, & I pulled a few strings so that they are free, just for you! I'm just that helpful... 
Ok ok, so they are always free for everyone. But it's the thought that counts right?
Might I recommend perusing the typewriter fonts? In all seriousness though, to quote Charles R. Swindoll 'The difference between something good & something great is attention to details." Choose the font that's perfect for you. The one that expresses something of your or your partners personality OR just because you love it. I'm not sure about wingdings though... It might be a little bit hard for your guests to read the invite that’s all… You know what I mean?
So here they are - dafont fontspace
I hope they make your projects, your details, that little bit more brilltastic!

On the subject of projects, another super little find lately has been this decorative eco cotton tape from Cute Tape
This is one of those million project uses kinda things for sure.
(Even though I don't neeeeeed it, I'm so getting some. Who knows when it might be just the thing I need eh?!)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

#115 Groomsmen Ideas

As I have mentioned before, I think groomsmen gifts can be a bit of a puzzle.
I'm not very keen on all the alcohol focused options, & there are just so many kitschy alternatives.
(What?! Wedding related kitsch!?)

I came across these the other day via love and lace blog, which is an excellent read if you have some spare relax with a cuppa time... or in between work/assignments... or maybe you need an excuse to procrastinate?
Annnyway, I think this is a great idea & these sets from Orange Fuzz on Etsy are wonderfully executed.

Basics - Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap Eco Friendly Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap

Pictured are a basic & an eco friendly set, both with shaving soap made from rhassoul clay & Sierra Nevada Stout Beer & lots of other yummy stuff!

My favourite part of these however, is without a doubt the cases. Each set comes in an up-cycled wooden cigar box. Uhh can anyone say genius? Loves it.

Basics - Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap Eco Friendly Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap

Bonus fun fact is that the price is nice too so they would also be a lovely alternative gift to socks & jocks on any occasion, heaven knows they can be tricky to buy for these men folk!

C x