Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#120 Yummy Wedding Cakes

How deliciously romantic & elegant are these wedding cakes from Patricia at Yummy Cupcakes in Sydney?
Masterpieces. Some of those sugar flowers are unbelievable!

I made our cake the night before our wedding, but some of these cakes have me wishing for a time machine...





The centre cake above is actually incomplete I think, but I just couldn't resist that colour & I had someone in mind for the stencil.
The third cake in the row above & the one below are have me swooning. Notice the cake below is bedazzled - quite out of character for me to like something that glitters, but when it's breathtaking it's breathtaking & that, boys & girls is gasp inducing baked goods.
So fresh & understated. That little pop of green is nothing short of delightful. It was actually created for a diamond anniversary so I guess there's still a chance? Not long really...


C x


  1. These look amazing! Why can't she be in Melbourne?????????

  2. I thought you would like these! I know right? Something like this would be so perfectly suited to you.

  3. oh thank you so much for the post and for such nice things you wrote about Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes

  4. What amazing looking cakes - and what a talented maker!!! I'm doing a cake blog too soon - they are so inspirational aren't they?

  5. Thank YOU for making such delicious eye candy Patricia! I'm sure they taste amazing too, guess I'll find out on my diamond anniversary hey?! ;)

    Aren't they Lisa! If only they could be posted to Melbourne!