Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#112 For Flowery Girls

These very cute porcelain bird hair clips would be a very sweet flower girl present, & look very cute for them to wear on the day

via revisions on etsy

"The dove was a symbol of peace and long life to the ancient Chinese. The ancient Egyptians held the dove to symbolize quiet innocence. Two doves can symbolize love."
I quite like the Egyptian symbolism ( which I hadn't heard before) & it seems very appropriate in this context too.

I love that the porcelain is unglazed & I think that while they are age appropriate & something that most little girls would love, that if cared for it is something that they could also quite easily wear as adult.
I'm all for thinking forward on children's gifts on special occasions such as weddings, I'd like to imagine that they will always treasure the gift as well as enjoying the memory...


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