Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#38 My Little Flowerzilla

I am the eldest of the bunch that is my family.
No, the vague bananas reference is not entirely unintentional...
My youngest sister -Miss I- is a wee thing of only 4 years old & being so much younger than the rest of our family, she often 'speaks old'.
We recently asked her to be a Flower-girl at our wedding.
Here are some exerts of that conversation... (Please indulge me & imagine a "Charlie & Lola" induced British accent & incredibly matter of fact tone as you read?)

Me: So you know how 'Mr N' & I are getting married?
Me: Well that means we will have a wedding, do you know what a wedding is? Have you ever been to one?
I: Look, I've read about them in books & I've seen them in movies, so yes, I know what they are.
Me: So then you probably know how there is a path, & 'Mr N' will stand at one end to wait for me, & before I come to meet him, some of my friends who will be called Bridesmaids will walk down the path & also some children who will be called Flowergirls?
I: (Most impatiently) Yes Yes yes, I've seen it in a MOVIE ok?
Me: Well Mr N & I were wondering if perhaps you would like to be a Flowergirl at our wedding? (In all honesty, I'm expecting some excitement at this)
I: Look 'C', it's yours & 'Mr Ns' wedding, so really, it's your choice ok? Do whatever you want?
Me: We already spoke about it & we would love you to, if you would like to?
I: Hmmmmm...................... Look 'C', I'm just not sure. I'll have a little think about it & get back to you ok? I can't decide right now.
Me: Ok, well there's plenty of time, you don't need to decide right now, but just so you know, you would get to wear a beautiful dress too...
I: I might just want to watch? I might not want to walk. I might just like to watch everyone else. Me: If you did decide to, & you don't have to decide right now, you wouldn't have to do it by yourself - interrupted-
I: I just don't know who I would do it with? I'm not sure who would want to do it...
Me: Well there will be other children & you would get to meet them before hand & all walk down together...
I: Look, 'C', I'll think about it, it's a lot to think about & I just don't know how I will feel on the day. I might just want to watch....

(A photo of Miss I on her last visit to see us)

And tonight talking on skype with her & the eldest of my younger siblings, my sister E.
E brought it up again & asked her of she had decided yet, & did she realise that it would be with her since E will be a Bridesmaid. I chimed in here with the info of what colour dress she will (?) be wearing, this particular colour, she excitedly informed me, was her most VERY favourite. After a little think she proclaimed, to E -
"Look, if you go? I'll go. If you will do it? Then I will do it."
There was then some discussion about flower petal scattering & whether or not it is allowed at our venue & the possibility of carrying something else for me, (I'm keeping secrets) at the suggestion of this she firmly put her foot down.
" No no, I don't really like ___?I'll carry flowers down instead. Yep. I'll carry some flowers. Like this (hands clasped in front)."
I then entered into delicate negotiations with Miss I regarding what would & wouldn't be carried/worn/done.

Uh oh....

What room is there for Bridezillas when there are Flowerzillas about?!?!
I don't have a hope. So there goes that plan eh! ;)
So. If someone turns up in our wedding photos dressed as nemo...or an elf...or a horse... no explanation necessary right?


Sunday, April 25, 2010

#37 Tea For Two

I find this to be utterly delightful.

And also somewhat amusing.

Which results in me find it even more delightful.

In short? Yes. This delights me.

Via crazyfortea (naturally!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

#36 Trashing the Dresses Angelsmith Style!

I have been most suprised to find how many people have not heard of Trash the Dress sessions...
I first heard about them years ago & I think it's an absolutely fabulous idea.

Our gorgeous, sweet, hilarious & INCREDIBLY talented photographer Karalee of Angelsmith Photography recently shot this session with a twist - not one, but 2 beautiful brides!
Below is just a tiny portion of the shoot & more loveliness can be seen on the Anglesmith website (follow the link below this snippet of sneak peek).
A huge Thank You to the stunning brides Amy & Kat, & to the enviably amazing Karalee for letting me bring these to show and tell ;)

Breathtaking indeed.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the concept???


Saturday, April 10, 2010

#35 Once Upon a Time

Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places.

Once upon a time i found love in a news agency.

And I guess you never know your luck because once I found it waiting for me on the footpath at the bus stop too.

Luck must know where I live hey?

And that I don't drive.


#34 Men in Grey

It would seem I'm on a roll (or not?!) with the dad jokes?

I think I *ahem* we have decided on grey suits.
This kind of pale shade of grey.

I have however, discovered that I am a little (ok a lot) suit ignorant?
There's so much to learn!
So apparently you can wear either brown, black or grey shoes with a grey suit.
I'm thinking that perhaps grey shoes could have a leaning towards being very...white shoe-ish though?
I haven't seen anyone, either about the place or in photos wearing brown shoes so I'm not sure what i think about that, and I'm thinking that black shoes look good - but do you think that means that you have to wear a black tie as well???
What would you think of a green tie? And would you think a charcoal grey tie would also be ok?

And that's not even getting into morning suits, dinner suits, yadda yadda yadda...

Not that I care too much what you are 'supposed' to do? hehe
I have a preference for the suits to be quite casual I guess, or maybe I mean semi-formal?
I've talked Mr N down from tuxedo-ing it at any rate.

I love vests. I love skinny ties. I love braces. I love hats?

So! What I would like to know, is what your preference is for a wedding suit - both in colours and styles???

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#33 Toppers that take the Cake...

Ooo dad joke much?

Now don't get me wrong. I like the top of cakes.
There's sometimes icing there - that's fun.
There's sometimes nice stuff written there - that's nice & sweet (even if your name is spelt wrong)
There's sometimes candles there - that can be fun depending how many there are & whether they are those type that make you laugh once because they won't blow out & then just make you angry when they continue to not blow out & then require everyone else add their spit to the cake below & then make the kitchen bin catch fire 3 hours later.
I also like the crust sort of bit on the top of cakes as long as it isn't a dry cake. I like when it's a bit chewy?

I'm not sure about cake toppers. I've seen some lovely ones but for whatever reason, it just ain't my thing.
So, I like them? But don't want one.

I want cake toppage. Half a cake just won't do after all! Cake toppers & 'top of cake decoration' - a fine line? And yet at the same time, somehow very different?

Do you like them? Did you have one/Will you have one? What do you think of the different styles? ie: Couple vs Animals vs Initials

Here are some pretties anyhow...
These first ones are paper can you believe?! Nifty.

Via Etsy - concarta

Via Etsy - urastarhouse

Via Etsy - danceswithclay

The birds are super cute I reckon, & I do like a lot of bird weddingness that I come across, the thing is, birds=wedding...why? That's a whole post unto itself though. Oh the perplexment!

P.S My lack of posts of late. I wasn't giving you lovelies the silent treatment I swear, we moved house and phone companies suck. You know? Course you do. hehe