Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#33 Toppers that take the Cake...

Ooo dad joke much?

Now don't get me wrong. I like the top of cakes.
There's sometimes icing there - that's fun.
There's sometimes nice stuff written there - that's nice & sweet (even if your name is spelt wrong)
There's sometimes candles there - that can be fun depending how many there are & whether they are those type that make you laugh once because they won't blow out & then just make you angry when they continue to not blow out & then require everyone else add their spit to the cake below & then make the kitchen bin catch fire 3 hours later.
I also like the crust sort of bit on the top of cakes as long as it isn't a dry cake. I like when it's a bit chewy?

I'm not sure about cake toppers. I've seen some lovely ones but for whatever reason, it just ain't my thing.
So, I like them? But don't want one.

I want cake toppage. Half a cake just won't do after all! Cake toppers & 'top of cake decoration' - a fine line? And yet at the same time, somehow very different?

Do you like them? Did you have one/Will you have one? What do you think of the different styles? ie: Couple vs Animals vs Initials

Here are some pretties anyhow...
These first ones are paper can you believe?! Nifty.

Via Etsy - concarta

Via Etsy - urastarhouse

Via Etsy - danceswithclay

The birds are super cute I reckon, & I do like a lot of bird weddingness that I come across, the thing is, birds=wedding...why? That's a whole post unto itself though. Oh the perplexment!

P.S My lack of posts of late. I wasn't giving you lovelies the silent treatment I swear, we moved house and phone companies suck. You know? Course you do. hehe



  1. I like the birds the best - whilst the paper people are very clever, I think that people on top of wedding cakes looks a little tacky! Don't know why, just me...

    We had kind of medieval theme so we had a castle on top of our cake :D

  2. Oh oh! Controversial!!! hehe
    We won't be using any of these, keeping at least some details secret squirrel ;)
    But yup, if I was to choose from these it would be the birds too...

  3. Did you see what Liz and Rick had on top of their cake? My friend Claire made them. Head to Facebook if you haven't seen it!

  4. I haven't... and I looked but could not find? Do tell!