Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#38 My Little Flowerzilla

I am the eldest of the bunch that is my family.
No, the vague bananas reference is not entirely unintentional...
My youngest sister -Miss I- is a wee thing of only 4 years old & being so much younger than the rest of our family, she often 'speaks old'.
We recently asked her to be a Flower-girl at our wedding.
Here are some exerts of that conversation... (Please indulge me & imagine a "Charlie & Lola" induced British accent & incredibly matter of fact tone as you read?)

Me: So you know how 'Mr N' & I are getting married?
Me: Well that means we will have a wedding, do you know what a wedding is? Have you ever been to one?
I: Look, I've read about them in books & I've seen them in movies, so yes, I know what they are.
Me: So then you probably know how there is a path, & 'Mr N' will stand at one end to wait for me, & before I come to meet him, some of my friends who will be called Bridesmaids will walk down the path & also some children who will be called Flowergirls?
I: (Most impatiently) Yes Yes yes, I've seen it in a MOVIE ok?
Me: Well Mr N & I were wondering if perhaps you would like to be a Flowergirl at our wedding? (In all honesty, I'm expecting some excitement at this)
I: Look 'C', it's yours & 'Mr Ns' wedding, so really, it's your choice ok? Do whatever you want?
Me: We already spoke about it & we would love you to, if you would like to?
I: Hmmmmm...................... Look 'C', I'm just not sure. I'll have a little think about it & get back to you ok? I can't decide right now.
Me: Ok, well there's plenty of time, you don't need to decide right now, but just so you know, you would get to wear a beautiful dress too...
I: I might just want to watch? I might not want to walk. I might just like to watch everyone else. Me: If you did decide to, & you don't have to decide right now, you wouldn't have to do it by yourself - interrupted-
I: I just don't know who I would do it with? I'm not sure who would want to do it...
Me: Well there will be other children & you would get to meet them before hand & all walk down together...
I: Look, 'C', I'll think about it, it's a lot to think about & I just don't know how I will feel on the day. I might just want to watch....

(A photo of Miss I on her last visit to see us)

And tonight talking on skype with her & the eldest of my younger siblings, my sister E.
E brought it up again & asked her of she had decided yet, & did she realise that it would be with her since E will be a Bridesmaid. I chimed in here with the info of what colour dress she will (?) be wearing, this particular colour, she excitedly informed me, was her most VERY favourite. After a little think she proclaimed, to E -
"Look, if you go? I'll go. If you will do it? Then I will do it."
There was then some discussion about flower petal scattering & whether or not it is allowed at our venue & the possibility of carrying something else for me, (I'm keeping secrets) at the suggestion of this she firmly put her foot down.
" No no, I don't really like ___?I'll carry flowers down instead. Yep. I'll carry some flowers. Like this (hands clasped in front)."
I then entered into delicate negotiations with Miss I regarding what would & wouldn't be carried/worn/done.

Uh oh....

What room is there for Bridezillas when there are Flowerzillas about?!?!
I don't have a hope. So there goes that plan eh! ;)
So. If someone turns up in our wedding photos dressed as nemo...or an elf...or a horse... no explanation necessary right?



  1. Bahahahaha...that is awesome! Watch out!

  2. Kudos for all her chutzpah!!!

    I wish I had been that insightful at her age as I wouldn't of have to wear so many scary ugly bridesmaid dresses

  3. Oh Susan, hope you aren't implying that I would subject her to any scary uglyness? ;) Besides, I think perhaps you can get away with a lot more as a flowergirl rather than a bridesmaid...