Saturday, April 10, 2010

#34 Men in Grey

It would seem I'm on a roll (or not?!) with the dad jokes?

I think I *ahem* we have decided on grey suits.
This kind of pale shade of grey.

I have however, discovered that I am a little (ok a lot) suit ignorant?
There's so much to learn!
So apparently you can wear either brown, black or grey shoes with a grey suit.
I'm thinking that perhaps grey shoes could have a leaning towards being very...white shoe-ish though?
I haven't seen anyone, either about the place or in photos wearing brown shoes so I'm not sure what i think about that, and I'm thinking that black shoes look good - but do you think that means that you have to wear a black tie as well???
What would you think of a green tie? And would you think a charcoal grey tie would also be ok?

And that's not even getting into morning suits, dinner suits, yadda yadda yadda...

Not that I care too much what you are 'supposed' to do? hehe
I have a preference for the suits to be quite casual I guess, or maybe I mean semi-formal?
I've talked Mr N down from tuxedo-ing it at any rate.

I love vests. I love skinny ties. I love braces. I love hats?

So! What I would like to know, is what your preference is for a wedding suit - both in colours and styles???


  1. I like charcoal grey suits and skinny black ties and vests (like the one in that picture up there) and also black shoes. But that's just me. And I think if you're going with a vintagey theme, grey caps (you know, Noah-from-Notebook style) could look quite amazing.

  2. My only reservation about the black is that I worry it could be too 'heavy' with all the other colours (throughout the wedding) being quite light?
    It's funny you should say that. I actually almost wrote a section of this post on them! Nialls favourite hat is of that style, as was my almost identical hat before we met and I started to feel a little odd that we were seeming to dress to match? I thought it would look great - obviously not the hat he already owns but one to suit - and that he would quite like the idea, suggested it to him, Nope. Not into it. But he often changes his mind so... haven't quite given up yet ;)