Friday, July 30, 2010

#57 A Little Bit Of Background...

Today I was talking to a friend about being the photographer for our wedding photobooth,
& in trying to explain that by 'photobooth' I didn't mean the kind that are the box type that you actually get inside, I did a quick google image search to illustrate my point.

This is not the first time I have done this search, in fact I've drooled over backdrops many a time.
But not like this... never like this...

For a moment there... I was breathless.

all photos by kyle vale via kc and sara

Breathing again yet?

I was saying just this week how much I wish we had been able to find someone who's property we could get married on so that we would have time to set up fantastical things, & to live near our reception venue so that I could collect things that we could use without the headache of trying to figure out how to transport them across 2 states...
Oh universe, why must you taunt me so?!
Just lovely.
Follow the link to the bride & groom's own blog to see more beeeeeeautiful photos!

Happy weekend sweet things

C x

Thursday, July 29, 2010

#56 I'm Officially Green

The wedding of Golriz & Devon is the cutest wedding I've seen in... well, quite possibly ever?

Um excuse me? 10 weeks in the planning?!

photography by ryan lash photography

I don't think I can find words to describe this amount of sweet.

I don't know the bride, I don't know the groom...
As far as I am aware we have no shared family, no mutual friends...
I'm definitely not pregnant so it's definitely not hormones at play...
Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that I have absolutely no excuse for crying - more than once - while watching their wedding film .

I'm a little embarrassed about my over abundance of tears actually? However I would be more embarrassed if my friend hadn't also cried when I showed her (she IS pregnant so therefore has the necessary hormones to blame but we will choose to ignore this inconvenient detail).

All their wedding details are totally inspired, but if you have watched this video you will undoubtedly agree, the most delicious heart melting part of it all, is how much they love each other.
If you think it's not possible to have love coming out your pores?
Then obviously you haven't watched the video yet.

Go to Etsy to see more envy inducing photos & to read their wedding story written by the divinely gorgeous Golriz herself!

Did you watch the video? Do it. I'm not joking. Do it.

C x

#55 Confessions...

I have commitment issues.

As you can probably tell, this is one of those posts that is somewhat topical, mostly personal. Consider yourself warned!

It's sad but true, & whilst very thankfully they do not extend to my beloved Mr N & our upcoming nuptials or indeed any person/relationship in my life, they effect pretty much everything else.
I just can't seem to finish the things I start? In the beginning I'm so motivated & full of ideas & enthusiasm but inevitably this slows to a trudging apathy before I give up all together.
Sometimes, The motivation part fails to even make it past the talking about it stage...

At times I think perhaps I'm just yet to find the thing that I'm truly supposed to be doing, the thing I'm 'meant' to do, & more often than that I think that I'm just a lazy person.
But, I think the truth of the matter is far more clich├ęd than either of those reasons...
In all honesty, I am totally petrified.
Scared that I'll put all of myself into something & I still won't be happy. Or worse, that I'll try my hardest & I will fail, & perhaps I would rather imagine that I could be good at something if I tried instead of trying, failing, & knowing I did.
How textbook obvious can you be? Ha.
Sometimes I try not to tell people when I decide to do things, just so they won't know when I back out & label me (rightly so) flaky.

Anyhow, relevance?
I was thinking yesterday that I feel like this blog is pointless. That if it were in connection to a business that it would serve some purpose & I would feel validated in continuing with it.
Or more importantly, feel more validated in spending the time I could be spending on other things, doing this?
I'm still thinking that, but in addition to that, today I'm thinking that I don't want to be a flaky person who doesn't finish what I start. That I don't want to be seen as a flaky person either - even by people who don't 'know' me!
I want to make the commitment to myself to see something through...
And that surely this is a good a place as any to start?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#54 Tealightful Tea Parties

Lately 'Hens' night/weekend plans have been bumped up on the planning agenda.

The whole tiaras, feather boas, sashes, 'dancers' etc thing isn't for me so I've been trying to come up with some other ideas that will be lots of fun & feel like a special kind of celebration.

I also happen to be planning 2 baby showers at the moment - not for myself obviously! - & have been looking at tea party ideas to incorporate in those, which has been a LOT of fun & there really are some gorgeous bits of tea partiness about!

Loving those cupcakes in teacups!

Obviously, one of my first stops in any brainstorming process is the internet (helpful thing that!), & in my tea party researching I stumbled across this super little business...

How CUTE is that name!?

'Tealightful Tea Parties' are based in Sydney. Owner /creator Kathryn Gulli is lovely & in my humble opinion, that's a genius business right there. What a great idea right?
Yes, they do Bridal Showers & Hens Celebrations! As well as many other occasions.
My celebration will be in Melbourne so I won't have the pleasure of a 'Tealightful' Tea Party but can anyone say road trip to Sydney complete with tea party just because? hehe ;)
Hope one of you lovely Sydneysiders gets to indudge... just be sure to tell me all about it!!!

C x

Saturday, July 17, 2010

#53 Bridesmaid Dress Number One

My GORGEOUS Bridesmaid (& as I never miss an opportunity to point out - my sister! Related & all.) Miss E, has her Bridesmaid dress.

We came to an arrangement to afford this ridiculously beautiful Fleur Wood dress.
I saw it in a shop while visiting her & attempted to describe it, seemingly unsuccessfully because she was quite clearly underwhelmed by the obviously lacklustre image my efforts conjured up.
It wasn't until - being a bit of a bully - I took her into the shop & had her try it on that she finally understood what I had been trying so vainly but enthusiastically to convey...
I must admit however, that as much as I was already thinking that it might just be the one for her, even I was completely blown away at just how perfect it was.
Seriously? I regretted suggesting it straight away, purely out of jealousy, because the girl. was. a. damn. knock out.
I mean, obviously she always is but...
She could absolutely get married herself in this dress. It really is that awesome.

So with her photography & blessing to share, here it is!

Even looking at photos of it makes me jealous all over again?

Can't wait to see the dresses my other lovelies choose!


#52 A Dress Wishlist

Dear Bridesmaids most Divine,

I think I’ve had this discussion with you all by now but my memory ain’t what it used to be SO! Just in case.

I don’t want you to be wearing a “Bridesmaid Dress” in the traditional sense for the following reasons

A: I hate them. They are truly frightening.

B: I want you to wear a dress that you can wear again & again (& ok, maybe think of the joy that was our wedding every time?)

C: I won’t feel quite so ridiculously bad at being very *ahem* budget conscious, in asking you to cover the cost?

Please consider it your wedding present to Niall & I!

I would love to go dress shopping with you, but in case time gets away from us – as it tends to do most especially when it has distance on its side, or you see/have seen the most gorgeous dress & are wondering if it could be the one, It has been suggested that I write you this wee note to outline my ultimate dreamness for your attire...

So you get some idea of the general ‘feel’ of the wedding, the invites will state dress code as something along the lines of “vintage garden party inspired”

Dress Do’s:

White. Off white. Cream.

About knee length or above.


& MOST importantly, you should love it, & feel totally comfortable & confident!

Dress Don’ts (please?!) :

No strapless.

I’m not really a fan of halter necks?

No full length.

No bedazzlement – sequins – beads.

Would prefer no spaghetti straps?

No shiny shiny ‘bridesmaid’ fabric.


Heels or flats - whichever you are comfortable in.

No pointy shoes or kitten heels please?

Any kind of neutral colour – nude, latte, oyster, mushroom...

If you see anything that you’re unsure whether it fits the bill, please feel free to take a photo & mms me,

& if you would like to object to/clarify/negotiate any of the above points Holla at me!!!

Love you a million my lovelies.




Not the 2nd one as much though? ( in the group picture)

3,6,7,8 & 10


* Apologies, I've lost the links for these photos so if anyone knows where i originally found them...

#51 Bridesmaid Proposals - part two

Dear 'Lovely',
Here are just eleven of the reasons why I love you... *insert gushy love stuff here!*
Pictures 5 & 6 feature one of my home made fortune/proposal cookies.... not quite perfected at that stage!

It's a fine art I tell you.
There was many a hour, on many nights, that I spent in my kitchen - Mr N managing quite excellently (from his safe vantage point on the couch) to completely ignore my far too colourful language, & I will admit, a few shameful tantrums that involved throwing defenceless kitchen utensils at the floor...
Pictures 7, 9 & 10... well I may or may not have been cheating with the cookies by then... I confess nothing ;)

But back on track & a happy ending to this tale of proposals as my gorgeous bridesmaids all said... YES!!! Hoorah!
We have since discovered that one of my lovelies will no longer be able to make it to the wedding (which yes, is a little heartbreaking), but that's a story for another time.

I am incredibly blessed to have such wonderous friends in my life to be sure.


p.s sorry some of the photo's are a bit dodgy, phone shots - I'm sure you know how it is?

#50 Bridesmaid Proposals - part one

My maids I went a-courtin'...


Monday, July 12, 2010

#49 Super Cute Proposal

I have a weakness for cute & quirky proposal videos...
So I'm sure this won't be the last one that I post? But seriously, come on. Cute right?