Thursday, July 29, 2010

#56 I'm Officially Green

The wedding of Golriz & Devon is the cutest wedding I've seen in... well, quite possibly ever?

Um excuse me? 10 weeks in the planning?!

photography by ryan lash photography

I don't think I can find words to describe this amount of sweet.

I don't know the bride, I don't know the groom...
As far as I am aware we have no shared family, no mutual friends...
I'm definitely not pregnant so it's definitely not hormones at play...
Basically, what I'm trying to say, is that I have absolutely no excuse for crying - more than once - while watching their wedding film .

I'm a little embarrassed about my over abundance of tears actually? However I would be more embarrassed if my friend hadn't also cried when I showed her (she IS pregnant so therefore has the necessary hormones to blame but we will choose to ignore this inconvenient detail).

All their wedding details are totally inspired, but if you have watched this video you will undoubtedly agree, the most delicious heart melting part of it all, is how much they love each other.
If you think it's not possible to have love coming out your pores?
Then obviously you haven't watched the video yet.

Go to Etsy to see more envy inducing photos & to read their wedding story written by the divinely gorgeous Golriz herself!

Did you watch the video? Do it. I'm not joking. Do it.

C x


  1. cute! I must say, I'm not normally a show person, but I do love the brides shoes!

  2. I KNOW right?! Similar to what I want to do with the shoes & earrings but a different colour :)