Saturday, July 17, 2010

#53 Bridesmaid Dress Number One

My GORGEOUS Bridesmaid (& as I never miss an opportunity to point out - my sister! Related & all.) Miss E, has her Bridesmaid dress.

We came to an arrangement to afford this ridiculously beautiful Fleur Wood dress.
I saw it in a shop while visiting her & attempted to describe it, seemingly unsuccessfully because she was quite clearly underwhelmed by the obviously lacklustre image my efforts conjured up.
It wasn't until - being a bit of a bully - I took her into the shop & had her try it on that she finally understood what I had been trying so vainly but enthusiastically to convey...
I must admit however, that as much as I was already thinking that it might just be the one for her, even I was completely blown away at just how perfect it was.
Seriously? I regretted suggesting it straight away, purely out of jealousy, because the girl. was. a. damn. knock out.
I mean, obviously she always is but...
She could absolutely get married herself in this dress. It really is that awesome.

So with her photography & blessing to share, here it is!

Even looking at photos of it makes me jealous all over again?

Can't wait to see the dresses my other lovelies choose!


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