Saturday, July 17, 2010

#52 A Dress Wishlist

Dear Bridesmaids most Divine,

I think I’ve had this discussion with you all by now but my memory ain’t what it used to be SO! Just in case.

I don’t want you to be wearing a “Bridesmaid Dress” in the traditional sense for the following reasons

A: I hate them. They are truly frightening.

B: I want you to wear a dress that you can wear again & again (& ok, maybe think of the joy that was our wedding every time?)

C: I won’t feel quite so ridiculously bad at being very *ahem* budget conscious, in asking you to cover the cost?

Please consider it your wedding present to Niall & I!

I would love to go dress shopping with you, but in case time gets away from us – as it tends to do most especially when it has distance on its side, or you see/have seen the most gorgeous dress & are wondering if it could be the one, It has been suggested that I write you this wee note to outline my ultimate dreamness for your attire...

So you get some idea of the general ‘feel’ of the wedding, the invites will state dress code as something along the lines of “vintage garden party inspired”

Dress Do’s:

White. Off white. Cream.

About knee length or above.


& MOST importantly, you should love it, & feel totally comfortable & confident!

Dress Don’ts (please?!) :

No strapless.

I’m not really a fan of halter necks?

No full length.

No bedazzlement – sequins – beads.

Would prefer no spaghetti straps?

No shiny shiny ‘bridesmaid’ fabric.


Heels or flats - whichever you are comfortable in.

No pointy shoes or kitten heels please?

Any kind of neutral colour – nude, latte, oyster, mushroom...

If you see anything that you’re unsure whether it fits the bill, please feel free to take a photo & mms me,

& if you would like to object to/clarify/negotiate any of the above points Holla at me!!!

Love you a million my lovelies.




Not the 2nd one as much though? ( in the group picture)

3,6,7,8 & 10


* Apologies, I've lost the links for these photos so if anyone knows where i originally found them...

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