Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#54 Tealightful Tea Parties

Lately 'Hens' night/weekend plans have been bumped up on the planning agenda.

The whole tiaras, feather boas, sashes, 'dancers' etc thing isn't for me so I've been trying to come up with some other ideas that will be lots of fun & feel like a special kind of celebration.

I also happen to be planning 2 baby showers at the moment - not for myself obviously! - & have been looking at tea party ideas to incorporate in those, which has been a LOT of fun & there really are some gorgeous bits of tea partiness about!

Loving those cupcakes in teacups!

Obviously, one of my first stops in any brainstorming process is the internet (helpful thing that!), & in my tea party researching I stumbled across this super little business...

How CUTE is that name!?

'Tealightful Tea Parties' are based in Sydney. Owner /creator Kathryn Gulli is lovely & in my humble opinion, that's a genius business right there. What a great idea right?
Yes, they do Bridal Showers & Hens Celebrations! As well as many other occasions.
My celebration will be in Melbourne so I won't have the pleasure of a 'Tealightful' Tea Party but can anyone say road trip to Sydney complete with tea party just because? hehe ;)
Hope one of you lovely Sydneysiders gets to indudge... just be sure to tell me all about it!!!

C x


  1. Oooh! I love teaparties! Those cupcakes in the teacups are adorable!

  2. OH! Cupcakes in teacups!! And I LOVE the idea of a mobile high tea:) Kudos for showcasing that!

  3. I know right?! SO much cuteness! Thanks :)