Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#135 Jenny Packham + Kate Middelton

I have neglected this topic to date, so I think it's time I dealt with it.
The dress eeeeeveryone was talking about, that I failed to weigh in on. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen
Do I love it? Yes. A lot.
There. Sorted.
I also, for whatever reason, quite like Kate.

Aaaanyway, I also love the jenny packham gown kate wore to a recent charity dinner for the 10th Annual Absolute Return for Kids gala.


Now for it's claim to relevance for this blog... uhhh it's pretty?
Rose hued wedding gown?

images three, four, five + six via jenny packham shop

Not to mention an excuse to talk about the kind of gorgeous that jenny packham is!



  1. I didn't care for the dress all that much... I think my expectations were too high.

    But the charity dress is STUNNING, I would kill to have her figure :)

  2. It seemed a lot of people didn't like it. I thought it was pretty perfect for her & the situation though.

    I know hey, I'm sure she works very hard for it!

  3. I also did quite like Kate's wedding gown although I must admit I was expecting a bit of Diana-esque kapow which was a bit lacking I think.

    Totally love the charity dress too