Thursday, June 2, 2011

#122 Little Bridesmaid Dresses - Black + Monochromatic

So you know how yesterday I said I spent a considerable amount of time on asos? Well I really did mean it.
Here are my favoured selections for black & two tone bridesmaid dresses!
I think the last gown pictured would be such a statement look for a wedding with only one maid of honor.


I want so many of those...
I should add that I am still 100% in favour of different dresses for different girls.
Just in case I've accidentally given you the false illusion that I'm done with this bridesmaid dress binge, think again.
Tomorrow I'll share my selections from asos for bridesmaid dresses in navy + brights...
Then I'll be done... for a while anyhow...



  1. great selections of black and two tone bridesmaid dresses! can't wait to see those dresses in navy and brights...

  2. Oh thanks Kim, I'm so glad you like them! Thanks so much for saying so :)
    Navy & brights are up now, hope they live up to expectations!

    C x