Sunday, June 19, 2011

#139 Sublime Sunday Suppers

I have just discovered Sunday Suppers & boy, have I fallen hard.
This blog seriously blows my mind & I so wish I was in New York so I could go along!
Sunday Suppers are classes taught by local chefs in Brooklyn, where you cook & then dine together. The food is market fresh (look at the pictures, you can certainly tell!), local & organic.
Fortunately the sublimely delicious styling & photography by Karen Mordechai really does make this blog an absolute treat, even if you're still wishing you could climb through the screen & be there...

A bar for your signature wedding cocktail?

A yummy buffet?

A scrumptious after dinner cheese table? Mmm cheese....

Homemade roasted beetroot chip snacks?

Please please please, someone in Brooklyn go & then describe it all to me in even more minute detail?


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