Thursday, June 16, 2011

#137 Dreamy Wedding w/ Bottle Place 'Cards'

The first time I saw this photo my heart skipped a beat.
I actually have it saved to my laptop, every now & then I have a peek just to put some extra lovely in my day.
It's the little things right?!

It's actually THE most awesome escort card set up. Isn't it such an incredibly stunning idea?!

IMG_6440copy2 IMG_6445copy2

It's not just the escort cards though, the whole wedding of S+D via Duet Weddings, with photography by Max Wanger, is just delicious. It is so much of what I wanted, outdoors, rustic, intimate & gorgeous...

Picture 24 Picture 27

Don't you wish you were there?



  1. Isn't it! And that's just the photos! Imagine arriving to a wedding & seeing all this...