Monday, June 13, 2011

#134 Elizabeth Filmore Wedding Gowns - 2012

I. Love. Lace.
I think it borders on an addiction really?
I also love long sleeved dresses, especially wedding dresses.
Long sleeved, shorter length gowns are just to die for!
Note to self: Obtain more long sleeved dresses...

This is a selection from the Elizabeth Fillmore 2012 collection that was just released a few months ago...


 elizabeth fillmore 2012   
elizabeth fillmore via the wedding chicks

Could you pick my absolute favourite?
Aren't they just delicious...



  1. I can't pic your fave, but agree that they are stunning! My dress is lace, love love love!!

    Oh and btw, Kmart have black or darkish green lace, long sleeved, short in length dresses atm for about $30? I have two!! :)

  2. the largest photos ;) the short dress with long sleeves!

    Oh really? Would love to check them out but I doubt they stock them here :s