Friday, June 3, 2011

#123 Little Bridesmaid Dresses - Navy + Brights

The final post in this asos bridesmaid dress inspiration round up, navy & coloured dresses.
There's so many I love in this one, how stunning is that second dress? I shouldn't really start singling favourites out though because I'll list most of the post. Once again I've included a maxi dress that in my opinion would be a perfect gown for a maid of honour as a statement piece.
There also turned out to be quite a few photos featuring my two favourite asos models, yep, girl crush for sure.

Some seriously lovely draping & back detail going on in this bunch & I love that shade of green, just divine!
Ok, enough bridesmaid dresses for a bit hey? I'll try...

C x


  1. Asos is amazing! Love free worldwide shipping too!

  2. Isn't free shipping just super sweet icing on the cake! And far too rare ;)