Saturday, October 31, 2009

#6 Night Photos

I am love love LOVING night shots!

We are meeting a photographer in a few weeks when we visit my sweethearts folks interstate (I'm yet to mention, wedding will be interstate.) We've had a little bit of emailing back and forth the last month or so, ok maybe a lot. Strangely enough not much of it has been wedding talk? Anyway, she seems positively wonderful, loving what I've seen of her shots they have such a personal feel to them as well as being stunning so I'm hoping all goes well with the meeting and everything clicks!
Blabbering on, but what I WAS getting to, is that I think that whoever we do end up going I will have to do some serious begging to find a way to make night shots possible...

Here's an example of what I mean, not from the same photographer we are meeting - I haven't seen any night shots in her work- This shot is just some gorgeousness I happened upon...

Oh and sparklers are a MUST...

Via Brian Mullins Photography (Obviously!)

Could you just die???

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