Thursday, December 3, 2009

#24 Phantastic Photography!

We have decided on our photographer!

We met the EVER so lovely & EVER so talented Karalee of Angelsmith Photography, (you can check out her beautiful work on Facebook as well) & everything seems just lovely & perfect & peachy.

Her photos are candid, photo journalism style which I like as it feels a lot more personal & her wedding package is excellent - most probably helped greatly by the fact that she loves what she does, which is no line, you can tell she truly does love it.
Looking through her folios at all these amazing, intimate moments in peoples lives she has managed to capture - it's no wonder!
We love what she does too :)

Thinking we'll probably book an engagement shoot with too, got some fun ideas & we really don't have many nice photos of us together at all... Big ups to my Quasimodo style pregnancy there? Ha. So it'd be nice to have some...

It was a fairly busy trip to Adelaide this time around, I guess they will only get busier as we get closer to the date. To be expected when planning from interstate I suppose?

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