Monday, July 11, 2011

#148 DIY Light Shades

Remember me? Finally back up & running after a ridiculous stretch of computer problems.
Whoever it is out there with a little voodoo collection consisting of the majority of my electrics?
Thanks for easing up.
I have certainly realised that a back up plan is required! In the meantime I will be keeping my fingers crossed that I've used up all my technological bad luck for a long long time...

Lets get back to the good stuff shall we!?

These fabulous rustic chic light shades are via a very easy to follow diy tutorial on Project Wedding.
Even though I didn't get around to making these before our wedding I will definitely still see they turn out & if I am happy with the result, hopefully I can convince one of my lovely brides to let me work them into their big day! I'm also interested to see how they could be adapted to be a candle/tea light candle holder.


Speaking of tea light candles, here's a few that would look gorgeous as decor for a rustic event or as features for an event with neutral tones.

   Driftwood Candle holder, Rustic and beautiful
via radiance lightingfresh design blogbrazan design & stair lodge supplies

I adore silver birch & actually, just any kind of birch really? It brings such a stunning aesthetic to both event decor & home interiors without being overbearing.

It's good to be back!


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