Saturday, July 16, 2011

#152 Engagement Photos

How absolutely positively DELICIOUS is this photo...

And all of these...

   Jason & Hilary_08 Ryan & Heather_39  Jason & Hilary_16 Jason & Hilary_19 
via char photography blog

And that bike?!

I have really enjoyed looking at Char Photography's blog this afternoon, photo's of such love never get old do they!
Char has captured so much beauty in her shots. I love when  photographs make you feel so honoured, honoured because you know that they are a clear little piece of insight into such heartfelt shared moments.
It is such a skill to be able to make people feel relaxed & comfortable enough, that photos like these are possible.
Gorgeous. Too bad she's based in the U.S!
I had an excellent moment of confusion when I went to look Char's 'Seniors Portraits', here i was expecting portraits of the elderly, 'what an interesting thing to specialise in!' i thought to myself. Clearly I hadn't translated my webpage from English/English to American/English. High school seniors. Quite different portraits to the ones i was picturing?


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