Thursday, July 28, 2011

#161 Exciting News: Part 1

So the first piece of super exciting news...

The current edition of Brides of Adelaide magazine arrived in newsagents this week...

Brides of Adelaide - On Sale New!

The cover is quite gorgeous don't you think?

I am also very much looking forward to the six page feature on a wedding with THE most handsome groom that ever was, the most stunning bridesmaids to walk the aisle in all of wedding history, the most exceptionally lovely gorgeous ring bearer in the world & the cutest, sweetest flower girls.... & I'm not at all biased?
I'm trying to be very patient as I wait for my copy to arrive in the post!

A huge thank you again to our marvelous photographer Karalee of Angelsmith Photography, who captured so many of memories of the best day of my life perfectly.
Also to Danielle at Brides of Adelaide for being so very lovely, Mr N & I feel very honoured to have had our wedding selected!


p.s If you aren't in South Australia you can order online via the website

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