Sunday, July 31, 2011

#163 Engagement Ring Fun

A fortune cookie proposal? Brilliant!
If you didn't want to use a real cookie you could use a silver fortune cookie hinged keepsake box such as the one pictured & have the ring inside...

 Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie Gift - Fortunes of Love Design  - 1165

or even a card holder with a ' will you marry me' fortune (or obviously a more personalised option) & be ready with ring in hand OR even one of those ridiculously gorgeous porcelain fortune cookies I featured a little while ago here...

 Single Porcelain Fortune Cookie- LOVE

That would be so incredibly cute!

These rings are nice to look at?

white-gold-peridot-ring Do you Hate your Engagement Ring? article photo

So are these ring boxes from stout woodworks & eskae jeweller?
That hickory box especially...
Hickory Ring Box #2 - Opened 

And just for fun...

Hope your week has begun wonderfully!



  1. My friend gave us that silver one as a bridesmaid gift. It's cute.
    I love that stump ring box. I'm on the search!

  2. Hi Laura,
    The keepsake box? That's so sweet :)
    I gather that the hickory box was a custom order, I think I'm going to email them & find out if more are available, it would be nice just for storing jewellery in anyway!

  3. There are so many reasons to choose the silver fortune cookies place card holders....If your fiance proposed in the manner they describe...couldn't be a better fit. you can find them by click here:

  4. Thanks Laurie, the link is included in the post :)