Monday, July 18, 2011

#153 Wedding Details

I haven't spent much time looking at martha stewart weddings, although now & then when I am searching for something via google images, I will find it there.
That happened the other day & finally I was sidetracked enough to look at a couple of weddings...

These photographs are actually from the wedding of Martha Stewarts nephew Chris & his husband Tim.
I love this first photo of them, wedded joy.
Both Chris & Tim have careers in music, their sheet music guest book is a perfect example of making the details of the day personal & how delicious does the food look? There are lots more scrumptious food shots on martha stewart, be warned though, they may make you consider licking the computer screen...

Chris + Tim's wedding via martha stewart weddings

Picnicking, lounges & a marquee in a field (a shade of green that Australians can but dream of) , all styled to delight? Yes please. Also I do so love a spot of wedding croquet.
Tea & Cookie favours, see what they've done there? Cute.
Kite flying? Check! I've never heard that quote before, it's a bit lovely?
Last but absolutely by no means least, regardless of this judgment being based on looks alone i have no hesitation in proclaiming, that this is clearly THE best wedding band in the world.
That photo makes my mind explode a little. In the best possible way.