Sunday, August 29, 2010

#72 Music for Monday (track four)

I've been horribly slack this past week. I've felt a bit overwhelmed with list.
Should probably ban list talk for a while shall we?!
Unless of course it's to share that I've been ticking things off  ;)

This weekend we had the kind of weather that makes me thinks that actually it might not be freezing cold for ever & ever & ever...
I'm hopeful! I'm so ridiculously ready for spring this year.

My weekend was mowing lawns (which sounds dull but comes back to weather, not to mention the smell of spring so was actually mighty exciting!) , some grocery shopping (that was dull), a bit of babysitting, some new shoes for the small one & myself AND a lot of fabric shopping for wedding related projects!

Spent last night divided between watching "Away we go" (which was cute), mediating via phone (which was not fun), & giving myself gigantic blisters & welts as I put in a push toward getting wedding table runners ticked off the list (they are not).

I was saying to Mr N  yesterday, I think maybe we've forgotten how to have a weekend. Like a real one???

Here's my James...

"How sweet it is" - James Taylor

James have i told you lately that I love you?

Even though I should be posting a little more frequently this week, the truth of the matter is that I probably won't because...
MY SISTER IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just a little bit excited... She is after all the greatest sister that ever ever was.
Our friend Mr B is also coming & I just can't wait to see them.

So my apologies in advance...


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