Friday, August 13, 2010

#60 Gasp.

Oh my.

swoon swoon swoon...

Very absent minded browsing (not even wedding related!) somehow landed me me right where I belong, worshiping at the feet of these stunners from 'Closet Case Vintage'.
It was a breathless kind of 'ohhhh'...

The second dress is already sold - for $528 if can you believe?
But the first, which is without a doubt my personal favourite & easily one of THE most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever come across, is still for sale at a ridiculously low price of $748.
Hurry! Someone buy it! Even if you aren't engaged! Then when you get married please send me lots & lotsof photos so I can look at even more photos of this glorious piece of clothing.
I seriously can't believe it hasn't already been snapped up???

Obviously, I asked Mr N... he said that I already have a wedding dress & that no, I can't have 2.

C x

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