Monday, August 23, 2010

#71 Lists Lists Lists

While I have lists on the brain, i thought we could do some 'getting to know you' lists?
I would absolutely love it if you could pick a category, or make up your own, & reply with  your own list in the comments???
wedding things i love
1. LOVE.
2. diy & personal details
3. dancing
4. friends & family
5. food
6. commitment
wedding dislikes - obviously my personal opinions!
1. gerberas & to a lesser extent frangipani's.
2. 'bridal' shoes / fabric shoes
3. tacky themed weddings... i know you know the ones i mean...
4. hens nights of a certain kind... again, i know you know the ones i mean
5. cheesy wedding photography
6. cookie cutter weddings.
7. 'bridesmaid' dresses
8. flowergirls being dressed in a way that is older than their age.
9. bedazzlement
10. chair sashes
11. most cake toppers... most tiaras... oh there's just so much! hehe
things i love
1. typewriters
2. photography
3. dancing
4. music & film clips
5. homewares
6. books. especially picture books
favourite foods
2. thai
3. japanese
4. dutch smoked cheese... brie... bocconcini...cheese in general?
5. tapas
6. mangos
when I grow up i'd like to be...
1. an interior designer
2. a graphic designer
3. a children's book author/illustrator
4. an architect (with a focus on sustainable living)
5. a social worker
6. a dancer... a dance teacher...a photographer... an event planner... a stay at home mumma... a children's store owner... maybe a fairy?
random things about me
1. i am the eldest of 5 in a crazy blended/sometimes not so blended family.
2. you know the sound of fingernails on a blackboard? doesn't bother me in the slightest. however, if you  brush your hand over a blackboard/dust/flour? ARRGGHHHH! ughhhh.
3. my favourite animals are horses & frogs
4. my favourite colour is probably green... but it's pretty hard to decide?
5. i volunteer with red cross. you should do it too!
6. it annoys me when.people wear shoes with the price/barcode sticker still on the sole. i may or may not have ocd tendencies..

Um so yeah... I kinda failed at sticking to 6 for each?!
I hope you will share a list or two or six as well...

C x

1 comment:

  1. Things I love....

    1. lists!
    2. cuddles - especially ones from certain a 2 year old :)
    3. photography
    4. gardening and pretty flowers - all kinds, including gerbera's and frangipani's :P
    5. bbq's and lazy summer afternoons
    6. walking along the beach at dawn/dusk (not so much the swimming but I love the walking)
    7. dogs, horses, lizards and lots of other animals - I can't imagine my life without my dogs and I want to own a Friesian horse one day.
    8. One thing i'd love to do one day that i've never done is ride a horse (preferably my own) along the beach.
    9. okay i'll stop now or this could get very long...