Sunday, August 15, 2010

#62 Check?


are making me feel like this...

Seriously. I have 'To Do' Lists coming out of my ears right now, & I really can't see them doing anything other than getting a lot longer in the near future.
Lets not even start on spreadsheets. I think it is highly likely that's it's actually illegal to be responsible for the amount of spreadsheets that I currently am?

I was quite productive (or so I thought) on the nuptials front this weekend, so I'll blame the enthusiasm that arose from that for me FINALLY starting my official wedding 'To Do List' ...
Don't get me wrong, I haven't lasted this long without lists, that would be plain crazy, but they've been the kind that are only 3 to 5 deep & that you write on the back of envelopes along with grocery lists, what you want to be when you grown up, name ideas for the horse you don't own, countries you want to visit etc
Tonight I really got my list on... & let me tell you, it hurts.
Especially because I know there are plenty of things that are not on said mother of all lists, because either I've temporarily forgotten them, or they are yet to occur to me.

I also hadn't noticed (somehow???) that I AM DROWNING IN D.I.Y!!!
Someone throw me a life ring? Or better yet, a gigantic sack full of elves???

The only things keeping me feeling kind of calm right now are that a) List-age is in spreadsheet form & so very neat that if I half close my eyes I can't read it anymore & can just enjoy how organised it looks, & b) I'm reminding myself that it is past 1am & that the hysteria I feel is probably pure exhaustion...
Right? Right.

In other news, I got a beeeeauuuuutiful new camera this weekend. Hooray!
So now I can have lots of fun documenting my travels as I hurtle at breakneck speed - hopefully- through these phone calls, appointments, emails, internet orders & countless DIY triumphs & disasters!

Hope your weekend was as, ahem, restful as mine, & a whole lot sunnier?

C x


  1. I love your blog. Posts like this make me feel that I am not the only person in the world struggling with lists that grow exponentially ... or are haunted by the things that haven't been put on them yet!

  2. Ah I do love a good list and a listmaker! And then of course you could get weighed down in putting all the items into order of importance and need-to-be-completed by dates! Oh dear, I'm not helping am I! If you need me to do anything let me know love - as long as it doesn't involve too much physical exertion!

  3. Oh and just remember how good it feels when you tick something off those wonderful lists!

  4. Thanks Lili :) That is seriously always such a lovely thing to hear!
    Cheryl, in order or importance & need-to-be completed by dates? Done. Along with whether objects are in Adelaide yet, when will they be taken to the venue & by who...etc! yeah, there's a few columns!!! Thanks hun :)