Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#63 I Have This Feeling...

I think it's bliss?

For the first time in while, I'm feeling like I am exactly where I need to be.

Yes I still have an epic list that I'm running behind on, I'd still like to get some more of this weight off again before the wedding, I'm still working on having healthier relationships with certain people in my life, I still miss my friends & family who are 2 states away like MAD, I still lie awake for hours every night as my head whirs & when I do eventually get to sleep - I still wake up every night when the possums run across our bedroom roof! it's still freeeezing - & I'm still longing for spring, I'm still not the best person I can be...

& you know what?

That's ok.

I'll get there. We will get there. And right now, it's enough just to know that.

Happy Count Your Blessing day!

C x

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