Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#65 The Little Comment That Could

The lovely Lili Lutu of Lily Lutu Jewelry commented on my last post, & I started to respond to her comment but it kept growing & growing & it was getting a little silly. I also thought some really good points were raised by Lili's comment so I thought this would be easier!

Here is the comment in case you didn't see it...

I think we've all experienced what you've talking about - and I agree with all of it. I've also come to believe over the years, however, that the reason I don't share who I really am with everyone, is because not everyone deserves to know who I really am. Our experiences make us who we are - and quite a few of the bad experiences have been forged by other people. It isn't always the case, but I am sure you know what I mean. So we learn as much about others as we do about ourselves as we tread life's path - and I think we come to recognise who we want to share with and who we don't. And I am not being pessimistic or dramatic. It's just a life skill that we pick up along the way. Or should. Too many people never do, sadly. Doesn't mean you should cut people off. Just means you need to be prudent about wearing your heart on your sleeve and sharing your life with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

I love this blog! Have I told you lately?

Very well said I think? Yes, I know what you mean.
I don't think that sounds either pessimistic or dramatic at all.
I am of the opinion that there's nothing you can learn about others that is not something you are learning about yourself.
For example, personally I have found that if someone does something that annoys me, or acts in a way that i dislike, it is because it is a part of my own personality that I dislike, or that perhaps I have acted that way in the past.
I feel that there is no judgement you can cast upon another without looking inward & finding a personal lesson & I think you attract people into your life who if you are paying attention - which lets not sugar coat it, is pretty tiring at times! - will provide you with the things you need to hear & the things you need to see in order to continue to grow as a person.

Your comment about whether people deserve to see who you really are reminded me of realisation I had years ago when I was still dating.
That was that even though my family obviously wanted to meet anyone who I went on even one date with (not that they did), that I owed it to them to make sure that whoever it was, was worthy of meeting them.
It seemed like such an obvious thing & yet it had somehow never occurred to me.
The next person that met them was Mr N.
So I guess in 'protecting' them, my responsibility to myself got addressed along the way!

Thanks Lili, so lovely to know you're enjoying the blog & I'm so appreciative that you take the time to comment :)
Thanks for making me think!

I know this chatter is not particularly 'wedding-y' in the traditional wedding blog sense but I truly believe that one of the most important things in a relationship is being able to support each other in continuing to grow & become the best people you can each be, & since a marriage is what a wedding is all about...

My All ForEver After.

C x


  1. Another great post that I find myself nodding my head to.
    I love when that happens, lol.
    But I have to say ... I need to find some way of finding out when posts occur because, despite my best endeavours, this is not happening. And I am ... peeved!
    Hey ... here's a thought.
    A blogpost about wedding peeves.
    Got any?
    Share (please)!

  2. Hey Lovely Lili, Y
    ou could subscribe via email? Then you get an email whenever I post... The link should be over there on the left?
    I'm trying to figure out how to get a notification when someone comments...
    Amusing you should mention peeves, I was planning a post with some relevance although not wedding peeves in particular.
    However, ask & you shall receive!
    Hope you're having a most lovely weekend :)
    C x