Saturday, August 21, 2010

#69 Jonas Peterson

I feel like such a traitor writing this post, because our photographer is amazing & without a doubt one of the sweetest people you could ever meet.

But I'm having an emotional affair.

I'm sorry Karalee!

Jonas Peterson, Jonas Peterson, Jonas Peterson...

How I love your photos! Oh to spend a lifetime looking at the world as seen through your lens.

Breathtaking? I think yes. One of many let me assure you.

When reading the 'about me' section on the Jonas Peterson website, Brisbane based Jonas tells of how he became drawn to photography. He tells of his fathers career as a journalist, his mother & grandmothers love of painting. Jonas goes on to say that as a result he never wrote, he never drew.
I can't comment on the drawing aspect, but boy does this man write.

Also included under the 'about me' banner is a slideshow of photographs that you must watch. It is pure lovely.
You will very likely cry, but your life will be richer for it.

His website, while obviously as any photographers website is a way for potential clients to find him & view his work, is so so SO much more.
It is also a window into the way he sees the world, a glimpse of a beautiful family, &
I truly believe - a portrait of an absolutely amazing human being.

There is such an honesty in his work, both his photography & his writing, that it's impossible not to feel touched. Impossible not to feel compelled to share the incredible gift he so unreservedly shares.

Thank you Jonas.

C x

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