Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#101 Step One - Wait

And now for a bit of waiting it would seem...
It's hardly a secret but I'm certainly not the most patient person  in the world!
Hopefully it's all worth it.
Ahhh the mystery! Can you stand it!? hehe

I've decided I haven't had enough yet...
I'm not willing to let all the delicious wedding-y knowledge in my head get shoved aside to make space for 'other' things.
You know what this means right?
No, I'm not getting divorced & no, I'm not jumping straight into planning a vow renewal for a year from now.
It means lovely ladies, & possibly gents, that I have to find someone else who will let me plan theirs.

Putting it out there...

C x

p.s Just so you know, it is actually really hard trying to hold off publishing any more photos until we get the professional shots... so many gorgeous photos, our friends are obviously uber talented.
But still, I feel like I'm keeping secrets from you?

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