Monday, March 7, 2011

#100 Wedded!

I am officially wed. 

It was an absolutely AMAZING day, & I'll take the leap, head out onto that cliche limb & say it was the best
day of my life.
I am also delighted to report that Mr N feels the same way. Which has to be a good start right?

Once again I am in the position of returning to you all after a significant stretch of silence...
I could explain that this is because I didn't want to give things away to my readers that were also to be guests.
I could also explain that there was a big part of my 'wedding brain' occupied by things that were personal & not appropriate to share in a public forum such as this.
OR I could just take some very wise advice I've been given & say:

Hey y'all!
I've been planning my super awesome wedding & have been far too busy running around like a chooken with it's head removed (yes, that reference does extend beyond my chicken party) to fill you in on all the madness... but never fear (or do?) for I am returned & ready to share my copious amounts of joy with you all!
Not to mention all the details details details....

Yep. I think I'll roll with that option.

So I'm back. I think it's impossible to share it all at once because 'it' is a lot.
Plus I need to have a little ponder on the relinquishing or anonymity in regard to photographs, oh, & perhaps consult Mr N on that also?
However I will continue to post things that I find & love in between.
I was also thinking, that perhaps if anyone was in the midst of planning insanity & had questions they would like to ask, I could do my best to answer them? If the mood so takes you, please feel free to send me an email?

So here is a little sneak peek from our personal photos - we are awaiting the professional shots most eagerly!

C x


  1. Hi hun I think those of us who have been married and organized our own day totally get it - your details came together fabulously making ur vision a reality and your wedding day a true expression of yourselves CONFRATULATIONS and all the best for ur future xxx
    Will watch this space with interest xx

  2. I've just been a bit lazy too... but shhh ;)
    Thank you!
    Hope you'll keep reading!