Thursday, June 17, 2010

#44 Gretchen Hillhouse Design...

Or perhaps that should read Gretchen Hillhouse Divine?
After both the magnificent talent & the Gorgeous Gretchen herself!
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Shall we start closer to the beginning?

This is a photo of my STUNNING little sister E (On the right), backstage at the Gretchen Hillhouse 'Heloise & Hildegarde' collection fashion parade (Unfortunately I couldn't locate a photo showing said amazing collection so I'll just make clear that her attire is her own).

Fast forward, & I'm going a teensy bit out of my mind trying to find anything remotely like what I want my wedding gown to be, a particularly snooty Canberra bridal shop assistant gives me a little panic inducing scare (see previous post) with her speech on how long it will take to alter a wedding dress as well as suggesting I do some rather strange things with a bolero - apparently she's a designer?.
Anyhow, it's safe to say I am officially freaking out.

Then Gretchen quite unexpectedly comes to mind...
I try not to get my hopes up as I ask E if she thinks Gretchen would be interested in rescuing me from wedding dress hell...
A nail biting wait for the call that says -YES!
I fly to Victoria within the week to have my initial meeting with Gretchen, a little extension on my visit, & in less than a month from thinking 'Hmm perhaps I could look at having my dress made by someone?' - the dress of my dreams...

Gretchen Hillhouse, ladies & gentlemen, is an angel, a miracle worker, a ridiculously talented artist of so many mediums AND indescribably friendly, delightfully sweet & undeniably good looking to boot!
One visit to her home studio & I had complete confidence that she understood & would in fact most skillfully exceed my expectations in creating the gown that I had envisioned.
I also felt as though I had known her for years - Which is a strange & very lovely thing.

Gretchen Hillhouse with some of her exquisite jewelery & her breathtaking ceramic bowls.

Those bowls really do blow my mind... One day.

Well worth a visit to Gretchen's website to see LOTS more swoon inducing ceramics & jewelery...

I also love her jewelery, which as it just so happens, looks mighty bridal appropriate to me?
Um, hello ceramic wedding ring in the 5th photo?
Well maybe not so much the Electron Collection for wedding wear (Correction - MY wedding) but they're just so fun & quirky that I couldn't resist showing you ;)

I have 2 more fittings at the end of January, for final adjustments = weight loss, but it is completely constructed.
I really still can't believe it. SO exciting... It makes it so much more real?
So much of the planning process is not tangible but I have held the dress that I will be wearing when my love & I say 'I Do.'


edit: Yay!!! Some pictures of the beautiful models Ella & Freda in the equally beautiful Heloise & Hildegarde collection!
Unfortunately blogger is having a tantrum and won't let me post them any larger, but still, it's a glimpse...

Thanks Gretchen :)


  1. OK, now I am really excited. Is your wedding really 8 months away?! CAN'T WAIT! And yay for wedding dress magic! xx

  2. Not even... EEEK!!! hehe
    Why am I driven to 'DIY' so?
    Yay indeed :)